CFL looking at new footballs?

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What do y'all think? Stitched on black instead of painted white. Better leather too!

I like.

I like the look and want one now. :thup:

They tried stitched on white a few years ago and the QB's hated the stitched on stripes. They went back to painted on as a result. As a traditionalist, I say leave the ball alone.

I like the white stripes better...

Leave it alone.

I thought stripes were for visibility? Black seems pointless.

I'm not a huge fan of the black stripes. If the league wants to do something radical when it comes to changing the ball, why not get rid of the stripes? Not saying they should BUT if they wanted to make changes to the stripes.

Its the players that want the change!

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The commish is doing great things for us. The ball hasn't changed, but players want it to. Starting with the QBs.

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No the players want a change. We love tradition, but the quality of the game can always go up.

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Man in person it's even better. Top left is my favourite

OK, is this just a prototype or is this an official change ?

If it's being revealed by Bo Levi this early instead of by the league, they could be prototypes for players to try out and give feedback on. Makes sense to only go ahead with a change if the players like the feel of the new ball, as we saw previously with the stitched white stripes what happens if they don't.

He seems to like them. Don't be surprised to see it go ahead if other QBs react the same way.

Hope the football stays the same - white stripes. If anything go with out stripes - NFL style.

Yes, either go back to no stripes as the league had years ago or keep the white stripes. Some nostalgia and consistency with the NFL for players coming from there or going to there if no stripes are used once again. But if the players like the black stripes, sure I suppose.

Black stripes or no stripes for me . The ball on the far right does look . The CFL logo could be a tad smaller .

Making the ball unique like our old Spalding J5V ball is a nice touch .

One problem with white stripes is it makes a wobbler duck throw look that much worse. No stripes or black stripes I'm sure will hide the bad optics of wobblers. Here's a photo from years back. That ball was big back then!

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Black is the new white? First athletic socks and now footballs!

I expect th key for QBs will be if they can improve the overall grip/feel of the ball.

instead of the league addressing bigger issues, they just sit around playing with their balls.

just like with this site, instead of addressing bigger issue, they just change the logo and sit around patting themselves on the back.

The CFL used black-striped balls in the 1950s, IIRC.

I think what’s more important than the stripe colours is the feel and aerodynamics of the balls. If the new designs provide better grip and/or spirals, then great.

Agreed. The performance of the footballs is what's important. Any improvement in that area is welcome. The stripes are more for aesthetics. Personally, I like having visible stripes on the balls.

Notice that I said "visible" stripes. The black stripes aren't very visible. I don't get the point of that. Unless, as one person mentioned on the Ticat forum, the stripes will actually be team colours. Remember, each team provides its own set of balls for its offence to use, so could that be the plan? :?