CFL looking at new footballs?

Black stripes = NO. :x

Stitched stripes: they tried this a number of years ago, in Danny Mac's last couple of years here. All the QBs were polite about it, but it only lasted a short time.

They’re trying to make the balls look more like NFL balls. Next we will go to 4 downs and drop the Rouge single point.

Bring back Cohon or league will be in trouble. :thdn:

Here’s an article from 2006, with Anthony Calvillo’s pre-season opinion on the “stitched-in-stripes” ball they switched to that year:

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You should look or another job if you are in anyway connected to re-branding the logo and for thinking
about black stripes on a football. Where do you dig this stuff up? The logo looks like a white wine barrel on it's
side with CFL written on it. Unimaginative at the best and it does nothing to remind me of Canada. The previous logo
has a presence of the Canadian flag. Simple and highly visible and most importantly patriotic. Back stripes on a brown
leather ball. Some of the players don't like them. I can see a change in the protective coating on the leather, but black strips prevents visibility and there is no "logical" reason to change the stripes of than the fact the front office is very
disconnected from the fan base. The softest way I can explain the recent changes are moronic and have no value at all. Notice the NFL - they have the same logo and ball for many years. There is no need to tinker with something that works. I believe you should shift your attention to something more meaningful like getting fans at the games and making CFL swag more affordable.


Like the Grey Blob wasn't enough, you want to now change the colour the ball? First, it's less functional, the whole point of white is so that it stands out. Second, do you have ANY idea how gimmicky and stupid these things not only look, but appears in the eyes of Football fans everywhere. You are trying to appeal to the US market, who last I checked, the NFL ball uses white laces, the NCAA ball uses white laces and white stripes. You know who briefly used a black ball, and stopped because it was a joke, the Arena league, and it's a joke. Third, this really is on par with teams who have never had Black as part of their colour scheme turning to black, and it NEVER works out. Didn't work for the 49ers, didn't work for Sask, barely worked for Calgary and only because way back they used to wear black. Four, why are you messing with tradition? Every single piece of Football footage over the last 50 years has white laces. Why on earth do you want your audience suddenly asking "Why the heck did they change the color of the ball?" with your only answer going to be "Because we thought it looked cool"/

I know Cohon was a tough act the follow, but Orridge and his marketing braintrust needs to stop trying to rebrand an already great product and start focusing on things like, getting a better US TV deal, building relationships to make the 10th team a reality, entrenching the game as Canada's summer pastime, fixing the issues with the Argos and focusing on expanding it's online and newer media (like streaming) footprint to attract Millennials and not try yet another lame, Pepsi style rebrand. Someone needs to explain to this guy, sometimes less is more.

How the heck is Sully to be blamed for this?

Assuming it would not affect "grip" It would be innovative to go with bright footballs. Makes them much easier for fans and players to track. White stripes are holdovers from the days of black and white television.

Innovative? Not so much.

Gotta agree with most posts....why change for the sake of changing...

I think we're in big trouble with this new far not impressed with anything he's done other than finally coming up with a doping policy. We'll see what the new uniforms looks like. Hopefully a 1000X better than the new CFL logo.

With Adidas absorbing Reebok and turning it into a "lifestyle" brand, the CFL had little choice in the matter and I think that will be reflected in the new uniforms. That new shield logo is smack in the middle of the new uniform...

Don’t be surprised if the CFL changes its, in Trawna, to an ebony tower.

Yes how we all forget that stripes were stitched on for one year and all the QBs hated it.

And black stripes? As mentioned several times, the entire point of the stripes is for visibility. Black stripes destroys that.

Stupid, stupid STUPID!

They had their chance to be innovative, though. Back around 1990/1991 when Murray Pezim brought Doug Flutie to the CFL with the BC Lions, Pezim was lobbying for adoption of a bright orange ball.


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@CFL_News I would agree keep the stripes white. But not painted on. It's a terrible feel.

This must be only a joke...I even see our ball (2 full white stripes) in U.S. says "CANADIAN".

No kidding man. You re-brand a company and change the logo because you are either in a state of intense stagnation or because you want to rename your company to indicate it's under new management or to try to shed out of previous poor PR. Neither have been the case for the CFL in the last decade, so it's literally throwing money to the wind and alienating people who have good PR with.

Leave The Ball Alone

I know every time I watch an NFL game I always have trouble seeing the football.....