CFL looking at new footballs?

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What do y'all think? Stitched on black instead of painted white. Better leather too!

Not too sure what the purpose would be to have "black" stripes on the football. What is the CFL trying to do reinvent
the league? Their recent rebranding logo is from a cartoon and the thought of balls with a black stripe is over the top. The old logo was just fine and the current white stripes on the balls are just fine as well. Is that all the league has too think about from the ivory tower in Toronto? I hope not!

Less visible...especially on the TV.

I agree with Mark. The white stripes make it easier to view the flight of the ball; not only on television but in general, for fans and receivers.

The purpose of the white stripes is to increase visibility. So the purpose of black stripes would be to reduce it? Silly idea.

Its the players that want the change!

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The commish is doing great things for us. The ball hasn't changed, but players want it to. Starting with the QBs.

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No the players want a change. We love tradition, but the quality of the game can always go up.

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Man in person it's even better. Top left is my favourite

C'mon Guys...It's an April Fools joke from our "new commish" :roll: :wink:

He is just a little slow...

Surely to G'awd, nobody in their right mind would want to change the balls like that. :thdn:

Yes but, as long as "our balls are bigger" does it really matter if they are white or black? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, Mike, but they haven't been bigger for years.

I know. I used a little "literary license" on that one. :rockin:

Have the football stripes gone the way of the uniform socks in the CFL?

Cartoon logo - black stripes on balls - cheap looking over priced CFL bling. What's next from the brain trust?

"The players"? How many players is that? Two QBs - out of how many?

I can see changing the leather to make it easier to throw, catch, and hang onto. Including changing from painted stripes to sewn in stripes. But the colour of the stripes? Was that causing problems for the players or officials?

Unfortunately, I'm thinking the black stripe won't be visible from a distance. (Not that visible close up either, for that matter.) So they'd look pretty much like an NFL ball.

Perhaps that the idea?

Better leather = good thing.
Black stripes = horrible thing (reduced visibility).
STICHED ON stripes = I would be concerned how that might affect the characteristics of the football.

the liberal anti white movement has gone way to far... cant even have white stripes anymore :wink:

seriously though stitched on stripes? seems strange.. like elbow patches on a suit jacket weird

Woah. I actually really like the look of the new ones, specifically the one on the right.

If they players like them, go for it. Just make sure there's some extensive testing done first. The NBA tried switching balls a few years back, and it was an absolute disaster. Ended up switching back a few months into the season after they realized the new ball was way too slippery.

Not liking them right now, but once I’m used to them, who knows?

As for testing, I hope they test them in various conditions, especially in the cold. Do they stay as sticky when it’s 20 or 30 below, i.e. Grey Cup weather?

Watch, next the league will implement that each team purchase footballs with striping that matches their primary and secondary colours.

The CFL doesn't need gimmicks. please cut it out.

Oh, never thought of that. And yes, I could see them doing that. Ugh.

Hah, I totally forgot that happened in the NBA. I don't care for the black stripes myself.

I wish I worked in an ivory tower. :frowning: