CFL looking at future, not past - Swagger-Time Eh !!

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The commish even went so far as to suggest the CFL could use something so very un-Canadian: Swagger.

"It's time to have not a cocky swagger, but a Canadian swagger and be proud of who we are and make sure people understand that this is a great league and should be a part of it."

Cohon also wants to see better fantasy gaming for the league and at one point even a CFL video game. The league has been talking to universities about putting 22-year-olds to work in that department. It's about time.

"I'm throwing out ideas here that we're not necessarily going to do, but it's talking about the culture that we're creating here," he said. "We're young, even though we're over a hundred years old, we're nimble, we're progressive, we're entrepreneurial, and that's what I want to communicate both to our fans but also to the people that are running our teams."

The past won't be forgotten. It never should be. It just won't be the focus, and that's how the CFL will grow.

Thank God they are finally talking about fantasy and a video game. That said… They could already piggy back off of the fantaseh site if they wanted to.

That's the one. The Riders support them a bit (they are Saskatchewan-based), but if the league wanted to get serious about it and have a head-start, they could just hire them, cover more of the costs to make it cheaper, and spread the word that it's out there.

We had an awesome fantasy pool and the CFL killed it off and put in their own, which was so full of bugs 90 percent of players gave up on it during the season.

I realize the younger generation wants maybe even needs this for something to be cool. Whatever. :roll: :roll: The future of anything is young people becoming fans and I get this. :?

Always hoping though the CFL didn't have to market itself around this stuff or gambling or that. I'm living in a dream world of pureness, I suppose. In the end, any league is really about mass marketing, sadly, of what the times are "about". :roll:

Fantasy, virtual reality, crap IMHO but I'm not the future of pro sports nearing 60, that's for sure.

It is time for the CFL to show that Swagger. No more saying it can’t be done because it is getting done. New stadiums, top TV ratings, Canadian players evolving at the non traditional spots have certainly gained a ton of attention for the game. First at the number of receivers. Most teams second leading rec was Canadian and BC leading receiver was Canadian,
The RBs over the past two seasons have really vaulted attention Messom in 2011 and Cornish and Harris last season both All star selections with Cornish being an MOP candidate.
So Swagger away CFL next up team 10

Couldn't agree more, Canadian QB's would be the icing on the cake. Hope we can see some future Russ Jackson soon.