CFL Logo

So I’ve noticed for a few days an old CFL logo on the site, and I like it. I also liked the previous logo.

On 3 Down Nation is an article about how a majority of fans now, myself included, don’t like the new logo and never did like it.

Hmmm, what comes next? :o 8) :-\ ::slight_smile:

For now I will enjoy the old logo on there.

Why almost every single sports property based in Canada feel the need to “rebrand” themselves escapes me. ITs been a proven failure over and over again, but they keep doing it.

I’m guessing that the old logo is there only for retro week. But I like it better than the new one. At least you can tell that it’s for a football league.

Which logo do you like better? :wink:

I really don’t care about the logo. I care about the quality of football on the field, and this year it has been great.

The current CFL logo looks like they kept running out of ink in the printer.

First, they ran out of colour ink when printing the maple leaf, leaving only part of one.
Then they switched to the black ink cartridge and ran out of that while printing the black and grey football, leaving only part of one.

Grover. That was hilarious. I can’t believe they spent all that money on that kindergarten design. ;D

The current and new logo is the best of them all.

The one thing I don’t like is when they switch the “CFL” to “LCF”. Sure it’s the translation but should always be “CFL”.

How much did they spend on it?

And I suppose francophone fans should be forced to speak English at all games too?
RDS should broadcast “CFL? games only in English as well?

It has nothing to do with francophones or broadcasting in French. I’m just saying the logo should not have anything to do with translations.

There is a NHL and a LNH logo. I don’t see the problem of translating, specially if the League in question has one or more french/bilingual teams.

Love the old logo. The new one isn’t even a football. They chopped the ends off…it’s grey…it looks like a communist joke.

Wait till you see the versions they come up with for the markets in Mexico, Germany, Finland, etc. :o

I like the CFL Alumni badge. Don’t know how to get the image but here is the link.

It does look better than the CFL Logo.

Maybe someone can post a picture of it

Here you go.

Seconded - best post of at August and September right there!

Damn just redo the wording and make that the logo already then!

So many alternatives other than the current modern broken inkjet printer tweaking artist piece of crap!

The helmet logo from the 70’s was the best; it was simple and hit every note properly .

Kid can scribble it and it was iconic .

The new one was an improvement over the third one with the exploding football with the half maple leaf .

The colours were good with Grey representing the Grey Cup scheme . The red maple leaf needed to be bigger and the should have given the ball two black ends to make sure people see the entire football and not the Simpsons TV blob . It would have looked sharp and the black borders would have given it a high end logo like the NHL badge with their orange and black NHL colours .

If the logo had been filled out better and made sure the red popped out as much as the Grey silver it would have been a stronger image .

It just needs some tweaking .

The CFL grey and black colours with the red maple leaf is a simple image for a helmet or football if they don’t want to use a badge that the NFL and NHL use .

The CFLPA logo was not a bad logo either and is equal to MLB .