CFL logo

Dear commish, can we do something about the terrible current cfl logo? Lets go back to the previous one.
This one look very amateurish and make me want to wretch.

The other one looked cartoonish by comparison. Literally had italics.

The 2002 - 2015 logo is one of the worst sports logos I’ve seen in my entire life. I like the new logo a lot, but if I had to go back to anything it’d be the helmet logo (1970 - 2002).

Italics are great! :slight_smile:

And they also make great food and wine . ;D

Like the slanted look of the "A"rgo avitar beside your comment? Yeah, it sucks alright. I much preferred the logo used several years until 2002. It was a prettier cartoon graphic. This new one looks like Japanese anime. Bring back the Popeye era toons!


The new logo is a disaster imo.

Choose two of the most drab colours possible - black and grey - in an era of high definition colour screens. I’m shocked that the league capitulated and used red from the Canadian flag for the tiny maple leaf. I’m sure they would have preferred black again.

Use the most plain, boring font possible for the letters.

Run out of ink so you can’t complete either the football or the maple leaf.

Wow, this logo just bursts with energy and excitement. ::slight_smile:

I don’t even like the fact that north american sports leagues are obsessed with cartoonish monikers.
The Toronto Argonauts should be having a friendly marketing rivalry with tfc.
" TAFC. Established in 1873: the original Toronto Football Club"

Nope. I think the current logo is a high quality logo. The previous one was a garish cartoon, and missed the point of what a logo is supposed to be. It was bad for the brand, and it was less about football and more about nationalism. The new one focuses on what’s important: football. At the same time it doesn’t ignore its roots, but puts them forward in a classy and understated way. It’s also MUCH easier to read and identify on TV.

I don’t know where this “lets go back” attitude comes from, but that would be a gigantic marketing blunder that simply, and thankfully, won’t happen.

I like the logo but it could use some colour.

There no way you could ever go back, the world be ten times worse for looking professional than whatever the actual logo is.

It took some getting used to, but it is sharp and modern. I like it a lot now.

The CFL logo when I first saw it I didn’t like it and was kinda funny like a Simpsons mock up . Now I like it and the Grey representing our Grey Cup is actually authentic/unique and is more of what we need . I know guys don’t like messing with the balls but I would prefer we use a half black stripe as well and move our game away from the US to our own style . Our ball looks too much like the NCAA ball used .

With this new logo the CFL could get into the sandwich meat business.

Still not a fan of the new logo. Just find it boring.

I like the new logo, I just think the maple leaf needs to be a bit larger.

Oh, it just reminds me of Maple Leaf Foods. Not really a joke.

Sometimes it seems to me you need to be witty or know how to post a meme to community on social media.

Personally, I would prefer your traditional emblem or coat of arms with the top being the projections of a maple leaf.

What a bunch of baloney. We have a Prime Grade logo.

The current logo is a gray blob, the previous logo was great.