TSN is saying that the CFL could be headed toword a lockout? So i have never posted on any board anywhere before. I am a Ticat fan and a CFL fan. I live in Ottawa and I go to games in the Hammer whenever I am home. (few a year). This story forced me to sign up for an account and start this topic in the hopes that the CFL and CFLPA hear me because I think I speak for most fans.

  1. Nobody wants a lock-out. It will hurt us all.

  2. It is fair to make a minimum of 40k, for 6 hours of work a day for 6 months of the year. 6 hour work days will also improve the quality of the game and the players.

  3. CFL fans do not want to see the ratio lowered at all!

  4. The foundation of the CFL is its FANS.

That is all. Here is the link. Please tell me we all agree on these points. Please tell me the CFL and CFLPA read these posts.


This is incredible. This league has been around for over 50 years and with the sport more popular than it ever has they want to reduce the Canadian content ! I'm shocked. Should be the other way....

Maybe we need to increase the Canadian content in the coaching and GM ranks as well...

It’s time for the players to get a well deserved increase.
As follows,

  1. Increase the cap immediately from $4.2M to $5M.
  2. Increase the players minimum salary from the embarassing $41K to $50K.
  3. Currently the 46 man roster for whatever stupid reason stipulates only 42 play. Why? No idea I say all 46 play.
  4. A few years back, the crazy XFL had the championship game being the $1M game for the winners, with inflation and all I would have $1.5M for the 46 winners which would be $33,000 for each. The losers get half at $750K or about $16.3K.

The CFL is doing well financially and the new TV contract no doubt should double when renewed in a few years.
It has been a very long time for the players to get their just financial reward, so that they will no longer be the butt of jokes.

The 4.5 hour workday needs to go too... Players should be "available" from 1pm to 10 pm five days, plus game days and travel as required for away games. This allows them to visit their side businesses in the morning while allowing the coach to run a professional regimen during the season.

The ratio thing irks me the wrong way. I see where this is going...CFL is looking at US expansion again... get it down to four and eliminate it all together next time around...

Not sure I agree completely, argotom... just because the league is doing well right now, doesn't mean the Commish and the teams should start spending like drunken sailors. They should be prudent... make sure the league will always be stable.

One thing I thought was sort of odd is how teams want to be able to carry fewer Canadians. Instead of complaining that they can't find good Canadians, maybe they should first look at the people they have scouting. The Riders don't seem to have any trouble finding good Canadian players.

Well the Riders are bragging they are making 13 million a year in profits... Edmonton moves 10 million a year out of its football operation...

5 million is about right anyway.
Dressing the 46, costs nothing...

Not to mention that the league skrewed the players this year with its wage freeze in spite of having an agreement based on percentage of revenues in regards to the cap claiming it was being "prudent". It is clear that league revenues have not be impacted in a negative way this season.

I think you are missing a decimal point. They aren't making 13 mil, it is 1.3-ish mil., at least on the books. I don't doubt that it is more than they state but it is not 13 mil

Wettenhaul is on record saying 9 million is break even, so if they are making 13 million in revenues, that would mean a 4 million dollar profit.

Thanks for the correction there Mister Beagle...

While I agree that the 4.5 hour workdays should be increased, I wouldn't go so far as saying 9 hours per day. I have no problem with it being increased to 6 hours. And to increase the minimum salary and salary cap should be enough compensation for the players.

I definitely don't want the ratio changed. I don't think the League's reasoning is for expansion into the US though. In that article they're claiming a lack of Canadian players so if/when the League expands to Ottawa and Halifax they will claim there aren't enough quality Canadian players to fill the rosters.

I wouldn't be surprised if these rumours were given to the press as a way to see how fans react to issues like the ratio.

I meant availability. Could be six hours could be seven but the window would be between 1ish and 9ish. That would allow for an afternoon practice and some film work, meetings, walkthrough or on on one during the evening.

I see what you mean but I wouldn't agree with the hours being between 1 and 9 p.m. I think it would be better for the players, especially for those with young families, to have the hours be in what is considered regular working hours.

Historicaly the players choose either morning or afternoon to schedule the 4.5 hours. This allows them to tender to "other business matters" If you make it a full "business" day, these guys can't hold down jobs or run most type of businesses.

Gonna have to agree with this one especially for players that live in Vancouver and Toronto (Edmonton and Calgary too?) Housing and rent is EXPENSIVE in these places, and I don't think the team subsidizes (legally at least, lest it count against the cap) in any way.

I know in Winnipeg they can stay at Canad Inns during TC and there's a couple hold overs after that, but they are charged maybe not full rate, Canad Inns gives a bomber rate, but it's much more expensive than just finding an apartment.

I know we're not the NFL, and TBH I'm glad, try getting tix to the Superbowl as a fan. I love the CFL, but these guys need to be paid a bit more, not millions, but enough to make them comfortable while they put their bodies on the line for our entertainment.

I'm pretty young in my career, as such I can't afford the most expensive tickets, so I buy the cheapest when I go to games. I'd gladly pay an extra 3-5 dollars per ticket, it's worth it to me, if it's worth it for these young Canadians and Americans to play their hearts out for their teams, and get a decent return out of it.

How many work during the season compared to just the off-season? I would think the majority of players (Canadian and American) don't live year round where they play so the number of players who have to tend to business matters on a daily basis would be quite small.

I neve quite understood it either. I think a lot of these compromises were introduced when the league was on the verge of folding after the Great American experiment.

I disagree. It should be removed. Having players on a roster based on nationality should be a decision left to the teams and not the league.

...raise the roster to 46 active players, but three of those players have to be from nationalities from south of the Tropic of Capricorn....

I understand Eiben's position when he says this but the CFL exists also because of the fans and the owners. All three parties are equal in importance to the final equation. But I'm sure he realizes that.

It is not unreasonable on the part of the league to want to have access to the players for more than the current 4 1/2 hour workday along with a proportional pay increase. But in addition to a proportional pay raise I would definitely like to see the players better rewarded for their efforts. The players put their health on the line and deserve appropriate compensation.
Not the ridiculous amounts paid by the NHL, NFL, and NFL but still better than what they currently receive.

From the tone of the article, sounds like Canadian content is the most sensitive issue. No doubt this is going to be the hotly debated issue here as well. I personally have no problem with the CFL wanting to ease those quota restrictions especially if it is only by one. Maybe even allowing a veteran American to be listed as NI.

I can totally see the merit to your arguement. However, for me (and what I believe is most cfl fans) a part of what draws me to the league is the Canadian Content. I want to go see some homegrown talent playing side by side with those who have come out of the football factory that is the U.S. Again this is just a personal preference and it is an assumption on my part that most feel like I do.