CFL listens to Windsor

Sat, February 4, 2006

CFL listens to Windsor

DETROIT -- CFL commissioner Tom Wright says he will meet with Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis regarding a potential expansion team for the city.

"I've not spoken to Mayor Francis yet but I hope to have a chance while I'm here," said Wright, in Detroit for Super Bowl festivities. "I'm interested in speaking to any civic leader on how we can grow the game.

"If there is an opportunity for us to grow the CFL in this market, I'd be more than happy to chat with him about it.

"I've heard his interest in expansion but it's pretty premature."

Francis has said Windsor's role as a so-called Super Bowl co-host more than proves its worthiness for consideration as the CFL's 10th franchise.

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Maybe sometime in the future...but not the 10th franchise. That's going to the Maritimes, we all know it.

But frankly, I don't think Windsor can support a CFL team. They're too Americanized, and consider the Detroit Lions their team. That's a tough market to crack.

id rather see london get a cfl team rather than windsor.

cfl agenda is and should be:

10th team - halifax
11th team or relocation for gades - Quebec-city.
12th team - your guess is as good as mine, but not windsor. somewhere in the west.

True. If an 11th team goes to Quebec City, putting another team in Ontario would either (a) give the East 7 teams, compared with 5 for the west; or (b)force Windsor to play in the Western division, even though it is a lot closer to Hamilton (its closest eastern rival) than to Winnipeg (its closest western rival.)

10 teams is good. 11 is okay for a while. 12 is fine, as long as the divisions are balanced. If restructuring is necessary, the "Big Four" (Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal) must stay together.

I posted my comments on this in another topic.


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then I suggest that Canada trades Winsor for other exclaves and enclaves on their border. j/k

That's so ignorant.

over-sensitive bloggers....arg

I don't think thats ignorant. I honestly know little about Windsor or its people, but I could understand if they would feel that the Lions were there teams. I can easily imagine myself if I lived in windsor being a hardcors Lions fan, and not caring about the CFL

Close proximity to a NFL pro team does not make them “Americanized.” Lots of people here like the bills because they are so close, and not just here but in st cathrines and Hamilton. I just wish more people would just drop the inferior complex and enjoy our game for what it is. You don’t hear many americans talking about the CFL and compairing it to the NFL, but there are so many canadians (usually from out west) that want to compare everything. They are nothing but **** disturbers.

americans make fun of the CFL without having ever seen it....go to NFL blog and argue with them.

only if you bring it up… go to a NFL message board and look around to see if there are any cfl threads. You won’t find one that is started by an american, but over here almost all threads involve “Supersnore.” Hell even AFL fans don’t talk about the NFL.

Lets dare they ...we made them...they wiil pay in Canadian viewers..

Actually from just the stuff on here that I see, I fin that the majority of people that hate on the NFL are easterners. I think the people out West really have nothing to fear from the NFL as tehre are no teams (other then seatle) that are anywhere close and there are definetly of talks about getting an NFL team anywhere out here.

But hey that my take on it. I take NFL for what it is. Another league that provides me with great entertainment when the CFL is not on.

I heard the Commentators call the river that separates Detroit (USA) and Windsor (Canada) the "Detroit" river, if I'm not mistaken, it's really the St. Lawrence River isn't it?


you are mistaken, as a "geography teacher", I can speak on some authority. The St. Lawrence River as you know empties into the "Gulf of St. Lawrence" ( :oops: bit obvious I know) near the Quebec "Ile D'Anticosti".

If you were to go UP the river from this point, you would pass Quebec City, then Montreal near the mouth of the Ottowa River. Continuing up the St. Lawrence you will get to Lake Ontario near the town of Kingston. This is officially the "source" of the St. Lawrence.

The river that feeds Lake Ontario from the higher Lake Erie is the Niagra River, and the namesake for the falls of the same name.

From Lake Erie, if you continue upriver, you pass (as the announcers correctly said) the Detroit River (sperating Detroit from Windsor) to St. Clair Lake. From here you pass upriver on the St. Clair River to Lake Huron.

Bit pedantic, but the announcers were correct.

as for expansion into Windsor and their loyalties to Detroit Lions?

Can't vouch for this. But what I would suggest is to market the summer games as being prime football for Lions Fans to support. Try to get the schedule to accomidate the absolute maximum number of home games during this time to take advantage of this.

Once the NFL has started (after preseason games that no one cares about), you would have more road games then home games. Try to work the schedule so that every seek that the Lions are home, you go on the road. When then are gone, play your home games. Might be a real pain to schedule, but would be possible. If there were any dates where this was not possible, try to either have friday night games (if you do that up there), or schedule the poorest drawing apponent for that weekend, so as not to burn a good fan drawing opponent on a poorly scheduled week.

You see this done a lot in Australia where you have cities that have dual allegiances to Rugby League and Rugby Union. The way for both codes to make the most of the same fan base, and allow openminded fans to really reap the best of both worlds!