CFL Lingerie League!

The Lingerie/Legends/X League.

Would you attend X League games if there was a separate CFL 9 team league that played it's games in Canadian hockey arenas?

Each team in the CFL would have the same identical team colors as their parent CFL team.

The only difference would be mascot names.

Would love to see the orange & white British Columbia Hotties take on the red, white and blue Montreal Lady Concordes!

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Hello EZ_Football,

I know Toronto had a Lingerie Team, close to about 10 years ago. At the time, Rob Ford (our Mayor at the Time) his daughter tried out for the team, but was a last cut. Lol. It did not last long. I think the Toronto team folded in one season.

The BC Lioness could work. To make things interesting, have no cheerleaders and do the opposite. Have like Chipendale Dudes as the cheer squad.

I'm not too sold if it will work. There will be a lot of groups out there that will protest it.

I would watch it for 10 minutes on TV for the laugh but I would never pay a dime for this.


Can’t erase the image of our O-line in Speedos, or Borat style swim suits. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Are "Trans" men allowed to play?

Only if they are named Bruce . :crazy_face:

The O.P. is just wasting time with nonsense posts.

He's been quiet awhile, but now that he's back, please don't feed the troll.

You're right MJ .
Just bored and couldn't resist . In all honesty I'm getting a little tired of all these non sensical BS threads . We need to have football back and soon . It's the reason I don't post much on these forums anymore .

Oh Oh ! You just misgendered Caitlyn. You in big trouble bobo!

Trouble is my middle name . Good luck to Bruce in his election bid in Californee . I'm sure he'll get a strong endorsement from the likes of a Marjorie T Greene and the rest of the transgender bender loving Right . :crazy_face: :exploding_head:

The CFL Lingerie League championship game, I can see it now...

Saskatchewan Low-Risers vs. Ottawa SORECRACKS facing off at Hamilton's Tim Whoreton's Field.

The O.P.'s other thread was archived, I suggest this one needs locking down as well.

Most lingerie leagues fail for several obvious reasons: too many cracks in the line, no ball carriers, no tight ends, just wide receivers.