CFL Like Being Paid To Play Junior College Football

Ravens LB: CFL Like Being Paid To Play Junior College Football

10th September, 2008 - 11:29 am

Baltimore Sun - Ravens' linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo was cut by the team in 2001 and spent two years playing in the Canadian Football League.

"It was like being paid to play junior-college football," said Ayanbadejo. "Junior college was fun, but it was definitely not as serious as Division I, and the CFL is definitely not nearly as serious as the NFL. You get paid to do it, and you have fun and travel around Canada and learn about other people and other customs."

8) Who did this guy play for in the CFL anyway ?? I sure don't remember him.
He was likely a back up player who didn't see much game action other than special teams  !!

He obviously wasn't a very good player to begin with  !!


An Argo-Cat fan

No need to get defensive, he obviously knows more than we do. And lets not kid ourselves, the CFL is semi-pro.

Serious = No Fun

NFL = No Fun League

Just because we don't pay our players millions of dollars a year, doesn't mean that the players take it less seriously. I think our players have more fun. Isn't that what football is all about?

The CFL is a lot more fun to play in than the NFL. Look at Ricky Williams. If we had the same salary level and the CFL wasn't looked at as bush league, players would rather come here. His comments are dumb. All he is is a special teamer on the Giants, if I am not mistaken. He wants the money like every other player on this planet.

Even though it has only been 1 week into the NFL season, does anybody else find it boring? I fell asleep during the Bills game cuz it was so boring. That game was exciting for maybe 25 seconds when they got 2 touchdowns in 3 plays. Other than that, snorezville, USA.

The CFL has been awesome this year. So many close and exciting games. The SSK vs WPG last week was soooooooo amazing. You just don't get that in the NFL. A 17 point lead in the 4th qtr in the NFL is a sure victory. You get the ball and just run the clock down. 12 plays in 8 minutes. Boom, 2 minute warning, a stop on 4th down and the game is over. The time outs suck!

CFL = Fun, exciting, fast paced, entertaining

He played for the Blue Bombers, Lions and Argos according to wikipedia.

But who cares what he says? If we like our CFL, that's all that matters.

Anyway, he didn't say the CFL was like junior college. He made an analogy. He said that just like junior college is not as serious a brand of football as NCAA Division 1, similarly the CFL isn't as serious as the NFL. The comparison is CFL to NFL. Based on his experience in both leagues, he's probably about right. Joe Thiesmann said something similar years ago, to the effect that the CFL was like going to football grad school before heading to the NFL. No doubt these guys are right, but again, so what?


Maybe if it was run right it could close the gap and compete with the NFL kind of like European basketball leagues have almost caught up to the NBA, to the point now that they're stealing players from the NBA.

But the CFL will never ever get to that point until the powers that be start to admit there is major flaws with this league.

Don't forget that at one time we competed with the NFL and stole their players!

The problem is that the NFL grew and the CFL didn't. We have 8 teams among 33 million people. That works out to be about 4.125 million people per team.

In the NFL they have 32 teams amongst 300 million people. That is 9.375 million people per team. In essence, they have more than double the fans per team that we have.

Their league is just set up so much differently. They are a TV driven league while we are a gate drive league. In the NFL, you don't have to sell 1 ticket and you almost have your salaries for the year paid.

Do you know that the above section is the only part of this quote that bothers me... he talks about Canada like it is China or something... while there are certainly differences between Canada and the US.. it isn't THAT different.

That's because the NFL players were being screwed at that time, they were making nothing.

The problem is that the NFL is in the United State and the CFL is in Canada.

You're talking about a market 1/10th the, uhhh, yeah, we aren't going to be able to pay at the same level. The room for growth was exponentially bigger for the NFL than it was/is for the CFL.

The guy sounds like a real whiner anyway. Crack a lineup and be a valued player and you'll be compensated accordingly. Perhaps if he took it more seriously, that might have happened.

Edit: ...sorry, Tiger Dirt - didn't see your post. You've explained it better than I have.

Who is Brendon Imonthebanjo. Never heard of him.

He must have been stellar up here to make that league???

Never heard of him.

He played in BC. From what I remember he was a pretty good player and it came as no surprise to us that the NFL snapped him up.

I suspect Cam Wake will leave us and go to the NFL next year.

I think he was just trying to say that playing in the CFL was fun as compared to the NFL which is so intense. Same as playing Div2 as compared to Div1 and the big football factories. Unless it was taken out of context, sounds like he enjoyed it up here.

Sounds like he enjoyed his time here.

Maybe he's referring to the 3 downs on a big field with a 20 second playclock custom. Sometimes different is better.

4th quarter!!!!! I have heard announcers state during the second quarter that if so and so doesn't score on this drive (down only 17 points midway through the second quarter) the game is over.

I honestly believe the TiCat players think it is fun. Hence they don't come to the games as well prepared to play as they should.

TO many players with nfl on there resume have come to the CFL and Stunk!! for me to believe the CFL is Anything but Major League!! Its NCAA Armatures Like Taaffe that hurt the CFL,s image. Less ncaa More Canadian Content!!!

The refs hurt this games image more than anything else.

And I agree the quote wasnt saying the CFL was like crappy college football, he was just saying the CFL is to the NFL like div2 is to div1.
Sounded like he was talking about it positively.