CFL Licensees

Does anyone have a list?

edit: ok I found this

I am glad you clarified, I was just about to post this


Alouette logo would look good on QC plates. Maybe it's a matter of time.

Well thats a front plate....Im sure you know but for those who dont.

In Quebec cars have a single licence plate in the back. You can buy all kinds of plates like that one to put in the front plate holder

I think thats pretty much true anywhere in Canada, at least judging from the vehicles around here with out of province plates.

I believe all vehicles in the Atlantic provinces are still required to display twin tags.


Same in BC Front and back.

Now I'm curious, I would have thought Police in most Provinces would have raised concerns about Back License Plates only, but I guess I'm wrong, I guess theres no issue there.

Not many criminals try to escape in reverse!

We used to have 2 plates and you were given 2 news ones every year.
They then went to 1 plate to save money
Then to save money you kept the same plate put a new sticker on it each year.
Then they eliminated the stickers....
As per my sticker, my plates expired in 1992

That was a funny thing. Mine were 92' as well.