CFL League MVP at half-way point of season


Well folks the half-way point of the season is past us. Who is the League MVP thus far. Here are some choices

  1. Weston Dressler

  2. Omar Morgan

  3. Wes Cates

  4. Darian Durant

  5. Rob Bragg

  6. Gene Makowsky

  7. Jason Claremont

  8. Andy Fantuz

  9. Luca Congi

  10. Anthony Cavilho

  11. Ricky Ray

  12. Jermaine Copeland

  13. D'andra Cobb

My Pick is tough call between Copeland and Mawkowski :rockin: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :cowboy:

My list would look something more like:

  1. Anthony Calvillo
  2. Jermaine Copeland
  3. Fred Reid
  4. Henry Burris
  5. Ricky Ray
  6. Kerry Watkins
  7. Arland Bruce
  8. Weston Dressler
  9. Jamall Johnson
  10. Joffrey Reynolds
  11. John Chick
  12. Wes Cates
  13. Anwar Stewart
  14. Deandra Cobb
  15. Fred Stamps
  16. Kamau Peterson
  17. Paris Jackson
  18. Rob Bagg
  19. Chris Getzlaf
  20. Geroy Simon

Nobody has really stood out just yet. I think anyone could have a fantastic last 8 games and take the award but up til now I would rank them as:

  1. Calvillo
  2. Burris
  3. Reid
  4. Watkins
  5. Copeland
  6. Mallett
  7. Ray
  8. Stamps
  9. Dressler
  10. Cobourne

It's an offensive award, and if Cam Wake can't win it then no defensive player this year even deserves an honourable mention.

As much as I hate to say it, I think Copeland is the leader right now. Fred Reid is a good back, but not MOP material just yet. Aside from his 200-yard game against B.C. when the Lions couldn't stop anything, he hasn't done anything that any other back hasn't.

Watkins is the receiving leader, but he's only ahead of Copeland by 7 yards, and if you look at the TD column, Copeland is leading 11-5. Not only is that a significant lead, but it's absolutely mind-boggling that he has that many touchdowns already. In his last four games he's scored 2, 2, 1, and 2. If he keeps up his current pace, the award will be his. AC would have to have another 5,600 yards and 43 TDs season, but considering he only has 14 TDs right now, I don't see that happening.

John Chick...all those sacks with a bad shoulder and missing a couple games....
Fred Reid......amazing for being on such a crappy team

East - Anthony Calvillo
West - Henry Burris

Gotta say that Anthony makes the Als go in the East.
Fred Reid in the West.

Fred Reid is in the East....?


Whoops! Guess I am still using that geographical thingy near the MB/ON border as the divide between East and West.

My bad.

Copeland in the West.

EAST: Calvillo
WEST: Copeland

Calvillo in the East
Burris or Copeland in the West

My take on things so far:

West: Copeland... with Burris, Ray, Stamps, Dressler trailing
East: Calvillo.... with Reid, Watkins, Bruce trailing

Outstanding Canadian
West: Paris Jackson ....Peterson, Bagg, Brent Johnson
East: Cahoon.... Emry, Eiben

Outstanding Special Teams
West: Tristan Jackson... Prefontaine, Deangelis, Ryan
East: Larry Taylor .... Serna, Medlock

Oustanding Defensive
West: Baggs .... Chick, Willis, Anderson, Morgan
East: Knowlton .... Shabazz, Stewart, Jamall Johnson