CFL League Executives meeting in Mont-Tremblant, Que. this week

A very good read here of the important League meetings this week in QUE

CFL 2.0

Nice to see they are finally holding their meetings in the country that supports their businesses.

So Mexico next year?

It was held in Banff last year

But for the 10 years before that, it was held in Vegas.

No Las Vegas this year, but next weekend Ambrosie along with 18 team executives will fly to Mexico City for the huge inaugural player draft and meet with the Mexican fan…as part of CFL 2.0.

I can tell you right now that the popularity of gridiron Football is going to make the LFA explode as far as expansion.
The league expanded two teams for this season, and is in talks for a ninth team. Much like our league. But the 125 million people in the country make for a lot more potential markets than the CFL has up here.
Only issue i see the level of play not being at ours, but it’s a pretty great time to watch an up and coming league

They play in Stadiums of 800 to 1500 seats. They have a ways to go.

The couple games I watched the caliber was below CIS ball, so I think this will be great for the Mexican league, don’t expect to see any much of a pipeline for the CFL, at least for some years.

true, but they already have broadcast partners out of major networks televisa, univision, and fox sports 2. plus a few other regional broadcasters. none of these(contracts) are gargantuan, but the reach is.

granted, CIS is still above it talentwise. but so is the talent going through ONEFA (mexican university football). the rate of it’s growth was the main point i was stressing more than anything. everything else will fall into place.

No question, it is is pretty fantastic what they have accomplished in two years and Mexicans seem to enjoy the game.

The top three stadiums in the league have capacities of 6,000, 7,000, and 13,000. That’s still a far cry from the CFL (except maybe one market), but more than 1500.

Football is quite alive and well in Mexico. In the summer of 2018, the Mexican Under 19 team defeated the US National U-19 team in the Semi-Final of the U-19 World Championships. It was the first time that the US did not make it to the Gold-Medal game. The tournament was held in Mexico and there were close to 30,000 fans at the game. Sort of the same type of numbers we would see at the hockey world juniors in Canada. The Mexicans are both supporting football and getting quite a bit better at it. BTW, Canada successfully defended the Gold Medal they had won in 2018 in China becoming the first nation to win the U-19 World championships back-to-back.

CFL News?
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You get the impression that any discussions about a possible playoff format change in the CFL would be a non-starter.

While many people find the current East-West divisional structure to be unfair, #CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie has no interest in changing it.


And let’s note though well behind popularity of el futbol, the NFL has made greater investments in Mexico for at least two decades now and is scheduling a game every season.

Of course this season’s was cancelled due to inadequate field conditions, but no matter future games are scheduled.

The CFL is wise to target Mexico for its share too.

Share of what though . I don’t see any end game except maybe the odd guy who would take over what a US players position maybe . Sure don’t want to lose a Canadian position for that nonsense .

So we can’t sell football in Toronto or Montreal but were going to Mexico . Yah I think the Cfl has lost it’s way .

The NFL is huge in Mexico they sell out in Mexico City .

There are talks of possibly a franchise there someday . However until they control the gang criminal influence in Mexico I don’t see it happening .

In terms of TV you have the NFL global rights to deal with no matter who’s son from whatever scattered area of the world they are from .

The end game has to be the game itself and sell CFL rules in leagues around the world who play the same game . With a real world championship .

Then you can usurp the NFL .

Just getting a couple players will end up with bupkis in financial return for the CFL. Maybe a negative in the end actually .

Depends how much the league is investing in this. My feeling is that they’re not investing much at all. If that’s the case, getting a couple players will be just fine. If it leads to more, that’s gravy.

I don’t see usurping the NFL or setting up a world championship under CFL rules in the cards at all.

Then really this is a waste of time and energy .

One thing you learn quickly in business you need a proper plan .

He the commish builds this as part of CFL.2 .

There is a marketing and media strategy behind it . He would not do it without some sort of plan to expand the market and make money from it .

Way too many people here see the CFL like when they were children . It’s a business . Philanthropy has been the game but will only last so long .

You can’t run the league with large portions of the population in critical areas losing fans with zero interest in attending the games live .

Sooner or later the CFL philanthropy will end .

If not for Bob Young’s feelings with family ; Hamilton would be gone .

If not for Braley’s youth Toronto would be gone and maybe BC .

I see nothing but wheels spinning right now .

The only thing the CFL can offer the world right now above the old boys club NFL is inclusiveness with a world championship ; that the four down NFL hordes to itself .

The only thing we can offer is pro football for the world three down version that can lead to something more international than domestic . That has to be the result as having the odd Mexican , Swedish or German player will not result in anything substantial in returns if anything .

What’s your reasoning behind the above assertions?

I think the league itself within Canada can benefit fine by adding players from different countries and by the development of Canadian players in leagues overseas. That in itself justifies the limited amount of resources being applied these reciprocal agreements.

The years ahead should show us just how much talent can be brought in and developed from this, but to me it doesn’t have to be anything more than that as long as the league is not sinking too much time and money on it.

If I am Canadian player how does playing in Germany make me a better player ?

Shouldn’t a domestic league be better like extending the junior age and having real impact and have higher dividends in Canadian interest and talent development .

With them curtailing scouting on teams because of cost I don’t see how scouting overseas is making any sense .