CFL/ LCF Video Game

I just had my first positive Pm..... Two were threatening to ban me.... another was basicly calling me a racist toward natives ( I spent an entire summer in the far north and had the time of my life...(inuvik) so I felt bad he thought this...
However I hope that this site is monitored by Mark and the boys.....because we have alot of good ideas (some not so good ideas as well I suppose too) Hopfully they see this and think twice.... because it is VERY important for the younger fans to have a video game.... and of course the younger fans are the future of the league.

I think a great idea would be to give away the player award sponsorship to EA Sports.... Apparently Rogers is paying about 250K/year right now and the CFL wants a 300% increase to about 750K while Rogers is offering 350 K only a 30% increase....
The EA Sports player of the week kind of has a nice ring to it....... The EA Sports MOP doesn't ...but if we get our own video game....I could live with it.
Every edition of EA Sports CFL would have the previous years MOP on the cover... The league would give him 50K for the rights.....
It could be put into every players contract that if they win the MOP (sorry the "EA Sports MOP")That they would recieve a 50K bonus paid by the league (not going towards the salary cap of the specific team)
Personally ...I think this is the best idea I've ever posted on this forum..... I await the bombardment of ridicule.

IF they managed to sell even 100,000 at 80 bucks a pop they could make 8 million, you have to think atleast 100,000 copies could be sold wouldn't ya.

Don't forget marketing.... Retailer profit etc...... 100 K would lose money.....however if the league was willing to lose a little money ...100 K would probably be a net loss of less then 1 million....not bad for the amount of exposure you would get.....
Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money.

I didn’t think of that but I was low balling it anyways. I think they’d get more than that for sure in sales. I don’t know about a million but even 150,000 would be 12 million dollors, 200 K would be 16 million so on and so fourth. Come out with a bare bones game first and if it makes money add the fancy bells and whistles the next year.

Don't forget... if you sold 100K that would be millions of kids (big kids too) who played your game (or atleast exposed to them)...Video games are like record albums... Micheal Jackson's Thriller has only sold like 50 million copies world wide.....yet almost everybody on the planet has heard atleast one song off that album atleast once.
People throwng teanage parties will play CFL 2009 and you could easily have 10 kids play the game in a single night.... maybe dozens of kids over the course of a year.... if only 10 % of those kids have their perception changed about the CFL then the cost of the game is a completely mute point .... You have just made billions out of millions .... once again....somtimes you have to spend money to make money.

That would be an awful idea..... come out with a game better then Madden.... go all out and spend money until it hurt.... this is what would attract future CFL fans. This is what would change the perception of the league for all of those kids who wear Chad Johnson jerseys.
Everything else you do pales in comparrison....
This comes from a guy who does not even own any kind of video game system.... I just know that everytime I see children (quite rarely actually) they are playing fricken video games....
Get a CFL game on innovative... don't just copy the NFL....beat them to the punch.
Imagine Kids playing CFL football right in their living rooms on the Wii system.... hopfully the lawsuits don't pile up too high..... haha

You weren't threatened with bannings, were told to clean up your language, and follow forum guidelines. Quit being so dramatic.

Hi - I'm brand new to this and this is my first post. I live in the UK and believe it or not, my name is David Brayley. Yes, I'm sad enough that I googled my own name, and found the name on this message board. Who is David Brayley in the context of this board? I'm guessing he's an adminstrator involved in the league or something? I'd like to find out - be grateful if you'd let me know. Cheers.

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80 dollars is to expensive not worth it. It would probably sell standard 59.99 or 49.99. Either way you'd need to sell 100,000 to break even. EA will not touch a game unless they think there is a chance for mad profits. It is not worth the resources otherwise.