CFL/ LCF Video Game

I need to know at this point why we are in the year 2008 and the CFL & Player Association has not yet struck a deal the EA Sports or for that fact any companies for a video game. This is a high demand by Canadians. if we are ever gonna try to spread the game out to american's and other fans around the world there needs to be a game. christ we could even pick for it to be included in the madden series as an extra league. they have it in hockey(EA Sports) with 5 european leagues, why not add the CFL in with the NFL and NFL Europe? of course field size, ball size, rules in general would all need to be additional options when setting up the game to ensure realism. In conclusion, i think its time guys.

I dont play video games but Id buy. Im not sure Id buy the console to play it but Id get one to support the sale maybe give it to a nfl watching person.

I'd be a maybe, but the condition wouldn't be price; rather, that its a version for the PC, seeing as the only console I own is an old Sega Genesis....

I play both the NCAA and Madden games. I would certainly welcome a CFL game. It would be exciting to play the unique CFL game on a PS3!

YAWN...Next! If the game would be profitable it would have already been done.

Doesn't this topic come up every year?
Peter6625 is bang on.

It's about profitability. No one is going to make a game for the people of this forum.

With all due respect, it would be better to post your poll outside this forum because your preaching to the choir here.

But just to humour you.
Yes, I'd buy one in a heart beat...and I really don't play games either.

It's all about profit and there is just not enough of a market to justify a CFL game, certainly not one on the scale of Madden.

However, with the 360 and PS3's ability to use downloaded content, it might be feasible to do a downloadable addon. You buy Madden and then pay $5-10 to download an addon that contains the CFL teams, and adjustments to the rules and field size. That might be worthwhile.

When I get home tonight I'll find out who's the lead on Madden and see if there is an email we can flood with requests.

I have been waiting most of my life for that, but I think there'd be a team in Halifax before that even remotely happens... there may be a team in Red Deer before that.

We need some more teams, so we can target more people. Get a team in Halifax, and Ottawa and that increases the market for the game by 2 million people (probably much less than that, not everyone in the city is a gamer) I think if we can get 2 more teams there will be a large enough market to turn a profit from a game. Lets go Cohon, work on Ottawa and Halifax for 2011!

I think theres a better chance of getting a team on the moon before Halifax, I mean they're in such a rush to build a stadium. They had a team already and look how fast that was done, we're still waiting on that one... kinda like Ottawa, I don't see that one happening either.

Only if was offered on PC
It had Head to head modes (Coaching and Direct Play)

keep in mind guys this doesnt have to be a CFL Game only, like i stated before, it could be done in a madden version just with cfl as an additional league like in hockey, they have multiple league selection. do the same thing with madden, just add the cfl, rules and field size.

I don't think the game itself has to be profitable. What we are really looking at with a game is advertising for younger people. Advertising itself isn't profitable, but the advertising may have a return in the form of increased ticket/merchandise sales.

I think we would have to partially view a game from this angle. If there is one out there, it could get the younger generation more involved. This may not pay immediate dividends, but could increase popularity down the road, which would work for long term feasibility for the league.

Because the BOG is cheap selfish and above all stupid....
The problem is that the computer companies don't believe the game would make money... The cost of producing a top notch game is about five million.
The CFL if it was smart would give EA 2 million dollars to hold in trust in case the game did not break even.... This money is peanuits compared to the 5.5 million more the league will recieve this year in TV money..... but the BOG is waaaaay too short sighted to see how even by losing the full 2 the long run that money would come back atleast 10 kids and teenagers and big kids too ...who would be turned on to the CFL because of the game...... Just absoulute stupidity if you ask me!!!!
P.S. The inital investment would be around 5 mil..... updates every year couldn't cost more then 500K- 1 million. Then every five years you remake the entire game from scratch.
David Brayley would be the first moron to bank $250K (per team) instead of investing it in a game. Young the last.

What makes you the expert?

When I lived in 3 years ago.... I use to play Madden with these younger guys (about 21-22) who loved hip hop and had every NFL jersey imaginable as well as every sports game available.... They use to laugh their asses off when ever I talked about the CFL...... These wannabe black guys (they were nice people....just young and dumb in my opinion ....I always had to hold my laughter when they tryed to talk in ebonics and freestyle rap etc) stated that they would buy and play a CFL game if it came out just because it would be something different.
My point being is.... Video games are cool just like rap music...just like pretending your ghetto etc....These are the exact people the CFL is not making money off of...the trend seekers... our fans tend to be more grounded and yes more geeky (generalizations of course.)
Some day these kids will grow up and will probablly ditch the ebonics and Ghetto talk. They'll probablly ditch the gangster rap ...maybe settling for R@B.... they might even ditch playing video games..... but they will not ditch the NFL and be just another lost fan to the CFL...Forever.

Are you trying to tell me that if the CFL handed EA 2 mil, and said "lets do a partnership on a game", that EA would say no!!!!

Funny, that is not what I asked!

What then.... the five million figure.... I know that from reading an article on how movies are big risks because you invest 100 million and ony see a return of 150 if you are lucky.... yet in a video game you only invest 5 million and even if it bombs your only out a couple of mil... Many games making 50 million plus.
Many movies have actually lost money but the game that accompanies them makes so much money that overall the movie makes money.
As for my estimated update cost of 500K-1 mil.... that was a total guess...
As for David Brayley being stupid and cheap....I've been attending lions games for about 10 years now.....

I thought when the new owners took over the Stamps they were trying to work on a game. I guess I'll believe it when I see regarding a CFL video game.