CFL: Laughing stock of professional Sports

Then kiss my butt.

I would be this angry no matter who is playing who and if the Riders were 8-0 or 1-7

So you are stupidly wrong.

Bs no lions game has been 3 hours 10 minutes and reviews have been quick in every lions games especially the home games.

Absolutely no way the calgary home opener or fridays game or hamilton game last week got past 3 hours. And you count from kickoff not the anthem dofus. Didnt take more than 3 hours any of those games.

Pretty sure a couple of the games been 2 hours 40 which is almost an hour shorter than an NFL game what more do you want?

Penalties have been better than most years too and even then they never bothered me like it bothered you guys, im not there to get home early im there to watch the game and i dont care how long it takes

Take a chill pill from your indignation that people dare criticize the league and its officials and re-read my post. I said I watch EVERY CFL game, not just Lions games. And a lot of games ARE that long.


Sorry man i'm about to completely prove you wrong and you're living off media garbage from last season and other trolls off this forum are you ready?

vs Calgary 20 flags (this week)
vs Hamilton 18 flags (last week)
@ Montreal 19 flags
@ Calgary 13 flags (THIRTEEN FLAGS THATS IT)
@ Sask 26 flags (about the standard in 2004 when BC Lions packed 55,000 in BC Place for the west Final)
vs Toronto 17 flags
@ Hamilton 20 flags
vs Calgary 14 flags

Look at that, most of the games are under 20 flags, that's a bunch of BS you're spewing out.

In 2004 and all the heyday of BC Lions attendance the flags were an average of 24 flags per game or higher from 2000-2015 that entire time. You can't give me this BS about game times sorry, and when I was at the game I timed the video reviews and they barely lasted 10 seconds every time

Nobody being a baby just stating what seems obvious to me. I had a good time tonight the Cats won 53-7 how could I not but after watching a lot of older games its quite clear the vintage quick pace CFL games used to have is not there anymore. They've implemented rules never seen before in pro football, and it hasn't worked, not like other leagues haven't done the same it's fine if you make a mistake. I love the CFL which is why I went tonight and supported my city's team, and the reason I voice my displeasure is because I want the league to be best product possible. If you haven't noticed you're in the minority most fans seem to be annoyed. Not sure if you know what the definition of hipocrite is either but doesn't apply to anyone in this thread, certainly not me you're the one who brought up the NFL, which I sit through long ass CFL games and NFL games, but doesn't mean I hate either league or will abandon my teams because the game doesn't fit my perfect idea of football, also doesn't mean I won't complain when I see fit. I said in gest I will stop watching before I pull my hair out, but that was a joke if you missed that.

Die hards like me aren't going anywhere but casual fans are easily turned off by the current product the league is putting out which I am sure you disagree with which is fine, but IMO the game is too stop and go right now with a lack of flow, two simple changes will help immensely. Sometimes it's not bad to go backwards, CFL circa 2005-2010 was a hell of a fun league to watch, 2016 is good but it can be so much better.

Pretty well written response for a "baby" if you ask me :wink:

With the "eye in the sky" supposely reviewing every play to help the officials get it right, why do we need coaches challenges at all?

That system made sense when there was no other mechanism to fix a bad call. Now, mechanisms are being put in place to fix those calls automatically. That's especially true inside the three minute warning.

What we're seeing due to that is coaches having challenges but also having confidence that they won't need them for a serious error, so they throw them on fishing expeditions instead. I don't see how that is helping the flow of the game at all.

All these frivolous challenges seem to occur for illegal contact. I think if they disallow challenges for illegal contact, as for an official’s judgement call, there would be a lot fewer fishing expeditions.

Some of these reviews are taking way too long. There was one last night that must have taken about five minutes. I like the idea mentioned previously that if it isn’t seen by the replay officials within 90 seconds (the original time quoted when replay was first introduced), it’s inconclusive and the play stands.

Either of these changes, though, would have to take place in the off-season, because the rules committee is made of people who are too busy during the season to meet about this now. But they could tell the people at command centre that if illegal contact isn’t obvious on the first or second viewing, deny it. They’ve already told them to do a half-ass job on no-yards reviews, and how many of those have we seen this year?

Agreed and the coaches only have themselves to blame, if this challengeble call is removed. It may cost Jones in the future when he can't challenge this type of call. KARMA !!!

It’s a good thing last night’s game was a blowout and much of the 4th quarter was a case of just keeping the clock running. The 4th quarter did not start until after 9:30PM last night - I know that because the fan next to me checked the time on his phone and made a point of saying ‘It’s ridiculous two and a half hours and we’re just starting the 4th quarter.’ - as people began to stream out of the stadium.

I went to the game last night but also PVR’d it. So just now I went back to see just how bad it got. After the Rico Murray interception in the endzone with 6:24 to go in the 3rd quarter I started a stopwatch at the moment he got tackled.

From the time he got tackled until the next snap - the elapsed time was 6 minutes and 24 seconds. So with 6:24 left in the 3rd quarter - for 6:24 of real time absolutely nothing happened - lol.

It gets better though. The Ti-Cats then ran the ball for 4 plays and punted and then TSN took ANOTHER time out. By the time Saskatchewan was snapping the ball for the next play - the total elapsed time on my stopwatch had hit 11:51.

So in almost 12 full minutes in actual time - those of us lucky enough to be in the stadium got to watch 4 running plays and a punt and A TON of players standing around doing nothing.

Not exciting for the fans in the stands CFL. And might help explain why so many thousands had streamed out of THF last night by early in the 4th quarter.

The CFL needs to be brave enough and intelligent enough to know that the (customer ) audience is always right .

If you are selling entertainment and that entertainment is being hurt by a faulty system by taking out the enjoyment of an athletic contest then that system needs to be fixed . Call a meeting of the board of governors and institute a mid season change .

The respect from your customers or faithful fans for listening to them is paramount in any business .

I doubt the CFLPA will complain .

Personally, I'd go back to just having reviews on scoring plays and changes of possession. The league has opened up a Pandora's Box when it comes to allowing coaches to look for penalties. I believe that most people in this forum would agree that one could find a penalty on every single play. Holding, illegal contact, hands to the face, etc.

Exactly it's like traffic police there is an infraction everywhere you look just pick one it's not hard . Let the players play the dang game .

Why do you think a review takes so long when a few reviews shown on tv clearly shows what had happened? A review could be done in 30 seconds but guess what? How can you put in three commercials in that amount of time? TSN paid a lot for the rights and now want their pound of flesh.

I watch the Bomber games live but the others I pvr. If they want to purposely slow down the game fine but don't expect me to waste my time watching a commercial game with some football thrown in.

First thing that should happen on a challenge is to check with all the officials to see if they saw what the coach is challenging. If they did and they felt that it didn't impact the play (e.g. contact on a receiver away from the play), then the challenge itself is denied, and the team doesn't lose a challenge for it. Only if the on-field officials didn't see the supposed infraction should it go for review. That leaves the judgement calls in the hands of the on-field officials.

But the review officials also need to be told to apply the same judgement to their calls. If the infraction didn't impact the play, then don't overturn the on-field call.

And a time limit on the review would go a long way to improving the entertainment value of the game.

For once I agree with I've basically stopped watching I can't say I've watched a game from start to finish this season . To many flags . After the off season fiascos I'm a little turned off this year . BTW I've been a fan for about 45 yrs.

Time to voice concerns to the CFL office.

Email is on the website along with the league phone number.

I've done that as well as sending the comisioner a lot of messages on Twitter.

I would too but I'm to busy waiting for Pederson's next tweet about how the Rider's are being framed this year !!!

Why would anyone start a thread with that title? Shameful. :roll:

Because it's true, calling a spade a spade here.