CFL: Laughing stock of professional Sports

These stupid "illegal contact" challenges and the whole illegal contact rule all together is a joke.

It is ruining this league and the game. You know the fans who love good football will just walk away and stop caring.

Fans need to step up and show their displeasure.

Some players and team coaches or a GM needs to speak up, who cares about a fine. Call the league out for this stupid rule.

There needs to be a revolt or it's just going to continue to get worse.

Any REAL CFL fans here if you think otherwise then you're just fooling yourselves.

So sick of the whole change the League made thinking they knew better yet it's gotten way worse.

You got your wish Dunigan and Cuthbert just called the league on it with the challenge on Banks away from the play penalty . I am not as passionate as you about it but you can't take the athletic move of the interception and replace it with a penalty away from the play . That's just ugly television .

There needs to be more of it. Once isn't enough

Instead of losing a timeout as a result of a failed pass interference challenge, teams should be charged with a 10-yard delay of game penalty. Then coaches would stop the speculative challenges and only challenge when they are more assured they can win.

Sadly the league is so inconsistent with calls that I would hate to see any team take a 10 yard penalty on top of a botched call. In the Rider Lions game they started calling helmet lead hits on the QB - then mid game changed it on identical plays. The biggest priority is getting calls right and being consistent. Until then nothing can be fixed.

If it stopped coaches from going for the "Hail Mary challenges" (thanks to @CFL_Horsemen for that term), I'm all for it. But yes, they also need to get more consistency in the reviews from the Command Centre.

As if the OP would be whining about this if his team weren't the league doormat. :roll:

The bizarre flip flopping is why coaches are doing the hail Mary challenges. If the CFL was consistent and I mean all the time for all teams .... it would fix this. As it is now why not throw the flag ... might as well

Yes I would, thank you.. :roll:

Just take away the hankies. They are useless. If the command center runs all replays after the 3 minute warning, why can't they just do that for the first 57???? I've pulled my hair out over this for years.

I HATE the illegal contact challenges. I'm a Rider fan and the biggest reason that I hate them is Chris Jones. He's the main offender (followed closely by Wally).

I don't like the illegal contact challenges either but what I dislike even more is the command center / referees' failure to get the call right even with the challenge mechanism. I get that the flow of the game is interrupted, but that's more of an issue with the referees taking effing FOREVER to announce even a garden-variety offside. With challenges, the infuriating thing is that the calls are frequently WRONG after 5-10 minutes under the hood.

Now, having said all that, I stand by my initial comment. The OP is a Rider homer who is frustrated with his shambles of a team and using the challenge mechanism as a stalking horse to vent his frustrations.

I was at the game tonight and at times I just was sitting there frustrated as the Cats absolutely dominated the Riders because any flow to the action or excitement was constantly killed by stupid penalties that wouldn't have existed two years ago and a RIDICULOUS amount of challenges of RIDICULOUS things, that take forever to resolve. Not to mention TV timeouts after nearly every possession unless it's near the end of a quarter than you get an extra long TV timeout anyways.

They need to go back to normal pass interference rules, and go back to the regular challenge rules screw this whole you can challenge anything it is ruining the integrity of the game completely, it is just not how it was meant to be played with super HD cameras zooming in and slowing down plays to make decisions and also ruling penalties that happened 50 yards away that had no impact on the play.

Lastly I think the smartest thing they could do to speed up the challenge process is create a timer, give Ireland a minute or minute and half to make the decision, if you can't decide by then, it clearly isn't conclusive so call stands.

This stuff is ruining our league honestly, they need to pull their heads out of their asses in the off season and fix the rules and challenge system.

Honestly just posting this because I know some will take the time to and I am highly considering doing it myself, but contact the CFL - RESPECTFULLY - and voice your concern about how the PI rules and challenge system is ruining the flow of the game and the end result is that they're going to lose a lot of casual fans. They need to hear it loud and clear from the fans, I wish they'd change it tonight to be honest but by next season if everything stays status quo I am going to rip my hair out, and before it gets to that point hopefully I will just stop watching games.

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I was at the game tonight too and the ridiculous delays were awful. I can't imagine how bad it would have been for a Riders fan. There were at least 3 or 4 different times we had an entire 3-4 minute long songs play over the PA system - FULL SONGS - as we sat there watching NOTHING.

There was one delay very early in the 4th quarter that dragged on forever and hundreds throughout the stadium got up and left. You could see them pouring down the stairs and exiting out the south end with almost the entire 4th quarter to go still. We had sat there for about 3 minutes after the 3rd quarter ended and after a play or two we had to sit there again watching nothing for 3-4 more minutes for some bogus review in a 43-7 ball game. At that point hundreds just got up and left THF.

13 of us from my family went to the game tonight - and everybody after the game once we got back to my niece's house a few blocks from THF and everybody agreed the delays were ridiculous. A game our team had won - and won big - and we were all complaining.

Yes the completely unnecessary delays are bad enough, but more than that. Someone makes a good play and it ends up wiped because of a b**tch hanky. Some inconsequential hand fighting on the other side of the field that the on field stripes ignore due to good judgment gets seen by a TEAM spotter, out comes the hanky and then the booth sees that yes, TECHNICALLY by letter of the law it's illegal contact so they can't really say that it didn't happen and the play gets wiped. WHY? Because a guy like Jones or Wally or Popp ISN'T the least bit interested in the right call, he only wants one that works for him.

Giving coaches hankies is WRONG. It puts partial people into the officiating system. Coaches or any other biased team personnel should not be part of the officiating system AT ALL. It's inherently flawed. I've been saying this for YEARS and nobody listens.

And if that's not enough, there's the downright incompetence of the booth! The on field refs get it right 97% of the time and they only get one live look in the heat of the battle. Someone please tell me how the command center struggles to hit 80% accuracy with multiple angles of frame by frame replay??

Will the CFL kill it half way thru a season or wait till the end and put it out of it's misery .

I know it looks bad if they do it thru the season but I would respect the CFL more of they recognized that it is hurting the product and much like any industry who finds an experiment go wrong see NFL with substitute refs or the great Coca Cola changing their drink to new coke and make changes .

Sometimes you have to do what's right and fix the machine that is broken by faulty innovation.

What a bunch of babies youre lucky enough to go to a football game and you complain,

I bet its still not as long as an nfl game and you hypocrites will sit through that long and boring garbage

Have not been bothered once at any of the home games by these the reviews are quick. Dont know what you babies are cryin about still 20 minutes shorter than NFL games

I watch every CFL game, but only watch my own team’s game “live.” The rest I PVR. The reason is simple. Too many delays and penalties.

I zip through them. Unfortunately, that means commercials too. I want to support companies that support the CFL, but to sit and watch a 3 hour and 10 minute CFL game now with penalties on 80% of kick-offs, BS infractions (“roughing the passer” on Rob Maver? Give me a f*&%ing break!!) and interminable delays on challenges for the most trivial things leaves me no choice.