CFL last 3 minutes

OK, I started watching the CFL this season (Go als). As an American I have at least casually followed the NFL over most of my life so I know the general rules, and the timing before the last 3 minutes is easy enough to understand, but at the 3 minute warning it gets all screwy and I have no idea what's going on. I've tried google to no avail, so can someone give me a quick summary in football for dummies language?

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During the first 27 minutes of a half, the clock does not stop on a play that ends in a tackle. If the play is an incomplete pass, penalty, out of bounds, injury, etc, the clock will stop but restart at the placement of the ball ( when the referee blows the play in, and the 20-second play clock starts ).

After the three minute warning, the play clock stops after all plays. The play clock will start on the placement of the ball on a tackle, and the snap of the ball on an incomplete pass, out of bounds, time-out, or penalty.

Thank you very much, but then how do teams get time off the clock by taking a knee near the end of the game?

well in the CFL, you can't walk off the field before the clock hits 0:00

you must run a play to end the game.

kneeling is just used to make sure you don't turn the ball over.

usually they let the clock run down 20 seconds and then kneel. then do it again.. sometimes a 3rd time, but by then the clocks already at 0:00

the clock runs during the playclock then? ok. I think I got it. That explains a lot. Thank you. :thup:

....damn straight boys, they fed you the good stuff koala, none of this run-the-game-out-and-shake-hands with two minutes of my entertainment dollars still on the clock...especially whenthe losing team has a fighting chance to maybe'd be surprized how many games have switched leads in those last precious minutes....

...nothing against the NFL, I like the NFL, I watch the NFL, but when I become commissioner of the NFL that is the first rule change that will be implemented....

Hmmm... "when" and not "if"?... :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, sambo, it's RedandWhite you're talking about here, come on, get with the program man. :smiley:

...when did anyone get anything done saying 'if' instead of 'when'...

I guess I'm still waiting for you to undermine Goodell's credibility with the owners, player and fans and suggest the changes you want to make to everyone in America... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, when I found the CFL and I saw that last 3 minutes rule I freaked because it's exactly what I thought the NFL needed. btw go Als, watching them right now :smiley:

NFL needs to have the quarters end in a play as well, NFL Games are over when there is 2 minutes left and the winning team has the ball. ?

If I wanted to watch 11 guys standing around for 40 seconds I'd go outside and watch the local bus stop.

Speaking of which, there are many stupid rules in the NFL, but the one which takes the cake and may be the worst in all sport is both teams walking off the field with 39 seconds left on the clock.

There is an easy acronym to remember:

STOPICK. Each letter refers to a way that a play ends.

S = Score
T = Timeout
O = the ball is carried Out of bounds
P = Penalty application
I = Incomplete pass
C = Change of possession
K = Kick from scrimmage

If a play ends in any of these ways, the clock starts on the snap for the next play. If not, it starts on the ready for play. Note that in a penalty application, the yardage portion maybe declined.

Ok, you've spent entirely too much time thinking about this. :lol: