CFL Labour Day Classic a fun watch for many USA fans!

what a fantastic CFL Labour Day game! Stampeders vs Eskimos has always been a classic matchup on LD!

Hundreds gathered today in the USA here to watch the game. It is pure enjoyment to see so many fans know so much about the CFL.

Former CFLers are well known around this community and it was great to have the game shown on television.

However it would be wise to get the games back on CBC so we all can watch the games.

expansion here in the USA is not a must however. We have to understand its a full plate in the USA with so many sports and when it comes to Football. High School, College, NFL just takes up so much of the plate.

CFL should be exposed a great amount like it did in the '80s and '90s. Today proves its worth.

CFL ratings in the USA are likely solid but likely doesn’t show the true number of fans that watch the games.

I’m trying to watch today’s game. Can’t find it. I tried espn, espn2, and espn3. :-[

Need to find someone other than ESPN if there not interested in the commitment .

Probably on ESPN plus right now .

But it needs to be on a network with so many choices down south not sure why this is such a problem with programming so scarce and this with already made produced product ready to air .

Where was this "here" in which hundreds gathered? Hopefully you didn't mean throughout the entire United States.


I wish this weekend games were on the main ESPN channel. A lot of Americans have been missing some great games yesterday and today.

Considering an internet only viewing that is if you pay for espn+ which means only those seeking it out. It just may be all of the USA

I failed to notice that it was JTFootball, who started the highly questionable Colin Kaepernick tryout rumour thread, who started this thread.


It was!