CFL Kicking Game Philosophy - STONE AGED!!!RIDICULOUS!!!!!

AGAP is old school

AGAP would take down goalposts, allow no punting and make everyone run extra points

AGAP would run off the "A Gap" on third and twenty

But even being old school and dull, AGAP can't help but notice (and CFL fans are beginning to decifer on their own despite what they are told)

CFL teams' kicking game approach or unwritten "rule" of having to have Canadian kickers or punters (or at the most one import kicker or punter)is for the

The kicking game is one-third of the overall game (everyone says this, and every brighter coach agrees on this and takes it to heart)

In kicking field goals, the ball either goes through the goal posts or it doesn't - you can have ten good players (import and non-import) on a kicking team, and if the kicker does not put it through the posts the result is negative (simple enough)

In punting, you can have ten good players (import and non-import) and a mediocre or bad Canadian punter and a team gets substandard punting results (CFL teams have tried to put up with this for years for the sake of "ratios")- but if you bring in a good punter (even an import if he is better than what a team has), you can "hide" several weaker players (either Canadian or import) on your punt team and still get a good punting result for the team

A team has 19 import slots, but can't commit just 2 of those 19 to a third of the game when it would provide a necessary positive foundation for one-third of their overall game?

Even old school AGAP can see this approach is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AGAP thinks he's The Rock.....

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I had to look at the poster to see if was Kanga or not.

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The writing style is quite different, and for it to actually be Kanga, he would've had to have spent a minimum of the last year making up the horrible spelling and grammar he's posted on here.... and if he can do that consistently, that's scary.

I'd rather believe it's someone who thinks like him, but is used to using the English language.

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Why people here talk funny? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds of the Simpson episode where Homer ends up in a coma when Bart shook up his beer with a paint mixer. When he's being released, Marj tells him they had to take out part of his brain.

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I always wondered if Homer said that cause he didn't understand why he was laughing due to the decreased size of his brain... or, if he realized that it shouldn't be funny that he had lost a portion of his brain. Probably the first one, but I do occasionally like to pretend they let him be a bit smarter than he usually is.

I am so smart
I am so smart

even ape-gap appears to be about 1 million or so years ahead of KK on the evolution scale…:slight_smile:

like his no kick convert idea, but the other aspects of the kicking game have to stay. The kicking game of the CFL is what makes it better than the NFL (I wish I could say the same about the Kick Convert, but I can't)

Only way I could see the Kick Convert live on is if it were done like Rugby 7's, having it kicked from the spot of the TD.

Admitably, I do go for it on 4th down on Madden a lot, but 75% of the time, I kick the Punt or FG.

AGAP dont like goal posts

AGAP old school

AGAP american punter??

To paraphrase a sign I once saw, “That’s not AGAP’s cooking you’re smelling, I just f@rted!” :lol:

Actually in Canadian football we have 12 players on the field at once. So that would be eleven plus a kicker, or eleven plus a punter.

more like BEHIND me, since I do keep the kicking game, and I conpensate for it by having kicked balls that hit the post be Singles.

oops.....I stand corrected.....sorry KK...