CFL Kickers

Who do you think is the best kicker in the CFL?

I say Luca Congi

This year I think it's between Congi and DeAngelis, both were almost identical in their percentages. I'll give Sandro the nod since he attempted a lot more.

Are you looking for best FG kicker or best kicker? Now if you're looking for the best kicker wouldn't it also have to take punts into account and penalize people that only kick FG as kicker can encompass more then just FG. So the question needs clarification before I could even begin to answer.

Just field goal kickers

DeAngelis or Congi, hard to pick between the two.

If I had two votes, I would have voted for McAllum & Congi.

Deangelis would have got a vote as well . . . If I had three votes.

Where's Troy Westwood? I wanted to cast my vote to him! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nick Setta needs some love. He had an off year but he's a great kicker.

Hard to choose bewteen DeAngelis and Congi though.

I'd take DeAngelis.

Setta is the best all around kicker in the league. Setta still kicked 79% this year!

The reason why you think he had a bad year cuz he wasn't kicking so many field goals cuz we actually put up touchdowns this year.

I think this topic should be the best overall kicker. Hands down Setta. He does both.

I think Congi's leg isn't that strong and DeAngelis can focus on field goals.


As an Argo fan, I can not disagree... You guys have a great kicker there.