CFL Junior/Farm Teams

CFL should look into developing its own junior/farm league similar to the NHL. Teams can have the option developing their own young players as well as bringing up players when injuries hit.

This would also open up different cities as possible expansion spots. Yes I know stadiums will need to be built before any talk of expansion but as farm teams to the cfl, smaller stadiums are easier to find.

If possible have affiliations - BC Lions for example and the Okanagan Sun. Montreal with QC etc.

It essentially already exist, just without direct affiliation. Every city but Montreal is represented in the league, with a few players around the CFL on every team who have taken this route to the league, not sure how many specifically but it is solid football to watch.

Quebec has the CEGEP leagues which are well covered and maybe the best football outside of U Sports and CFL being played in Canada.

I get what you’re saying, but I think the best route would be for the league to jump on board with the above leagues to create some sort of a affiliation. To be honest that may already be happening and I am just not aware.

Not needed.

They have CIS and Junior.

I agree. I don't know if there's a need for a full farm team system at this point.

I think they could do a couple things to increase development of Canadian talent, though:

  1. Increase the number of roster spots for nationals, though not the number of starting spots. This would give teams the opportunity to develop more qualified backups for those national starters, thus making them easier to replace when injured.

  2. Work with the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) to encourage some colleges to start up football programmes, something similar to CEGEP in Quebec perhaps. Now, what form exactly this "encouragement" would take, I'm not sure.

Those are good thoughts DAVE.

The one thing I would like to see is the developing of Canadian QB’s.
It would be great if the import ratio rule was exempt for Canadian QB’s

There are some good ones in the CIS, but as things stand now, they just do not have a chance.

If UBC QB Michael O'Connor does not get a proper shot with the CFL I may have to stop being a fan . If we agree the Division 2 QB's from the states are good candidates then there is no reason we would bypass a 6'5 Canadian QB like
O'Connor who was good enough to be with Penn state before returning to Canada and CIS ( U Sports) .

He should be drafted high to play the position he was drafted as and not for a future receiver .