CFL Jerseys

It is very hard to get customized jerseys, the only ones are printers or lumsden pretty much, obviously neither are intriguing. so I was wondering if and where jerseys can be customized, i just bought a new home and wanted rodriguez but im not sure if say a specialty shop can replicate teh font.

p.s i live in Guelph if you know any places

Right here on this website:

Also, I think you can order them at the Ti-Cat store at 1 Jarvis.

i already bought it blank, so what you are saying is they can screen it?

personally, i made a Jersey that has all my stuff on it because I am going to be playing for Mac next year, i just ordered a Jersey, put it with my Name and number and it sits with the rest of my game Jersey’s from High School, Rep and soon to be OUA Jersey. take a look on the CFL website for it.

You can take it here:

[url=] ... 20930.html[/url]

I've taken one there, and they use the actual fonts and colours for the numbers and letters.

Or you can take it to the Ti-Cat store and they can send it out for you.

Plenty of sizes, you can have either the white or black jerseys, not the gold one im afraid. Also avaliable in the Stitched or Screen Press style letters/numbers

hope that helps, i ordered one from there before, and no regrets!

yah thanks guys

I have ordered 2 jerseys from this guy (both just screen printed) and they have turned out fabulous. For the screen printed ones, it worked out to be cheaper than ordering through the cats. Through the cats screen printing used to be 99 + tax. I got the jerseys for just over 100.

I believe that the stitching is also a little bit cheaper as well.

But if you used your discount, I'm sure it works out to be the same.

I think it's funny that we used to be in a time where you could only get certain player jerseys and it was super expensive to customize one. Now, i think places are dumb to make up or order a whole whack of jerseys as guys don't last long on one team any more.

How many have a Maas jersey or two?

How many have a Dante Culpepper Miami Dolphins jersey?

How many have a Randy Moss Raiders jersey?

How many have a Zeke Moreno jersey?

I have a pretty good collection of jerseys but I don't have much luck with those guys staying with that team. I have a JP Losman jersey and was able to wear it for 4 years. He's gone now so I am hoping that my Porter or Rodriguez jersey that's longer than that.

I have a rule with jerseys. Once they aren't on the team anymore (Maas, Lumsden & Moreno, yes I have all 3!) I don't wear them.

8) Wow, you'll have enough jerseys to open your own store considering the player turnover in the last few years !!!! :wink:

I preer to do classic player names to avoid having a jersey of a player who is now with a different team. I bought a green Esks jersey with Sandusky, and I have a Shannon Garrett gold jersey - yeah he's still palying but not much longer and he certainly won't be playing for anyone otehr than the Esks before retiring. I don't know the Cats greats back very far but you still couldn't go wrong with something like a Montford, McManus, Osbaldiston or Hitchcock.

Yeah...I was gonna buy a new jersey, but get Mosca on it. Thought that might be kinda cool.

....i have all 3.....