CFL Jerseys

Where are the CFL jerseys so expensive? 180 dollars for a replica??? 80 bucks for a blank jersey? Thats crazy. You can buy a Arena Football jersey for 55.

First off you have the difference in the Canadian dollar and second, the CFL is about on par with the NFL or NHL. Yeah its expensive but its not like you're trying to pay to go watch the Leafs lose. That's expensive!

CFL jerseys are incredibly expensive. I bought my Oilers jersey (no name, just the crest) at the West Edmonton Mall for about $116. I bought my Peyton Manning jersey at a store here for about the same price, give or take a couple dollars. I was also able to find a Jose Calderon jersey for about $55. The CFL needs to knock the price of its jerseys down.

why, because it's the CFL?

It's very hard to make apples-apples comparisons on these things. It could be that we are, or it could be that we are comparing two different classes of jerseys that completely justify the wildly varying price points.

When comparing, you need to make sure both are equal in terms of:

  1. cloth weight and stitching;
  2. licensed vs. non-licensed;
  3. presence or absense of logos, names, numbers, sleeve/shoulder board numbers;
  4. press on or stitched logos;
  5. tackle twill or heat-stamped numbers (and number of colours in numbers);

If the variables are equal, and there's still a big price discrepancy, that's one thing, but if the comparison is to 2 totally different products, that's another.

i posted a message on this topic before


i got my arland bruce replica jersey in a mall in vaughan at the reebok store were they have a good selection of cfl gear and it cost 90 dollars which is just that little bit more than i have spent on nfl replica jerseys. but i agree the prices for a blank jersey are just crazy, i mean there isn't all that much to a blank football jersey, at least with other sports you get a logo or crest on the front.

I understand the difference between the 2 leagues but its the same company. Hell if they dont wanna put someones name on it then use the year. The ones they sell for 180 is the same jersey the NFL sells for 110.

You got an Arland Bruce jersey in a store for $90? That's half of what the shop is charging. I wonder if they would be cheaper in stores. Does anyone know? I'll drive to Toronto to get my jersey.

That sounds almost too cheap. Are you sure they didn't just make it themselves as a knockoff?

well if they knocked them off they did a pretty good job. it was the official reebok store in vaughan mills shopping center. they had lots of other teams and players too.

If you hunt around, you can find good deals.

Chilliwack is about 90 minutes from Vancouver. There is a store there that has CFL Jersey's half the price you pay in Metro Vancouver area.

Thanks but its a bit late for me. I have a few and my girlfriend has one too. But where is it anyway? Others may want to head out there and save themselves a lot of $.

Well, I'll be going to a couple games in Hamilton, so I'll be checking there, see what they have.