CFL jerseys!

:smiley: I love the CFL jerseys soooo much! There is just 1 problem :!: Where can i get one and for how much :?: Also i think that toronto's is the best, but overall there all 10 STARS! There all so great i feel so proud to be a CFL fan 8) But what do you guys think? Go in order from best to worst plz :wink: :smiley: :smiley:


I like the fact that the Argos went back to double blue. I find though that the uniforms look too much like each other. There are subtle distinctions between uniforms but you can tell they were all designed by the same person or group. Somewhat like my son's house league hockey uniforms.That said, some unis actually look better than what they had before, like Toronto and BC.

I personally neither like or dislike the jerseys and the fact that they make look similar. As soon as the game starts, its all about the play and watching the action, everyone will be tuning out the jerseys. Just like the ads on the boards in hockey or whatever, you see them when the game has stopped but as soon as the game starts again, they are out of mind.
But it is good to have Reebok on board with the CFL as this company is big-time and it shows good for the CFL. And actually, when I start looking at them again, I don't find they look really that much like each other.

Wow! Double Blue rocks! I'm ordering one right now- just go to and click on your team and go from there! :stuck_out_tongue:

toronto, edmonton, ottawa look good, montreal not that different, hamilton alright, sask and hamilton downgraded, winnipeg went from one of the nicest to one of the worst, calgary looks ridiculous esp away jerseys, bc orange i like but butt ugly design.
overall toronto had the most improvement and won this round.

Iā€™m assuming 4 stars is the best. I went 4 stars. Love them all, but if I had to rank them:

Best: Hamilton
Worst Saskatchewan

I left Edmonton and Montreal off because there is no real change.

Montreal, BC look okay, HAmilton okay too!

Calgary's away jersey's??? It's a bird, it's a plane it's super...ah no its The Stamps.

Wiinnipegs looks like San Diego. Pretty lame.

Is it just me or do the following teams jersey's have an eerie resemblance to a few NFL teams jerseys.

Winnipeg = St. Louis Rams
Toronto = Tennesee Titans
Edmonton = Green Bay Packers
Renegades = Atlanta Falcons
Hamilton = Pittsburgh Steelers

In my opinion I think all the jersey's look great, a lot of them just have minor changes like diferrent number styles and in the riders case a little different Shoulder design. A big difference in all of them is the fabric, these new jersey's feel more comfortable and they are more breathable.

how much are they?

and ya i noticed that a while ago... in some movie I was watching a while back they used some Esks game film to imitate the Packers, I thought it was pretty sweet that it was the Esks but I was pissed that they had to imitate an american team... damn americans and their money

TORONTO , EDMONTON ........WINNIPEG.....HAMILTON ,all had their own team colours first,bfore those NFL teams........

REEBOK .........has the same deal with the NFL and NBA! :smiley:

i like the Esks 3rd jersey.

I see some of what you're saying, especially Winnipeg/St. Louis. But Pittsburgh's jerseys look nothing like Hamilton's, except for the colour. And has been stated already, Hamilton had those colours long before Pittsburgh did.

AGAIN .....blame REEBOK they have the same uniform deal with the NFL and NBA........TORONTO , has been DOUBLE BLUE for decades.

Hamilton home sweaters are awesome!

I don't know if this was directed at me, or why. My post did not disagree with your statement.

But Toronto was double blue for decades. Then they changed it. Now they've changed back, which I think was a wise decision.

It's like Hamilton, where "traditionalists" are complaining that they have gone from black-and-gold to black-and-yellow. But if they were true traditionalists, they would know that black-and-yellow was the original colour combination of the Hamilton Tigers 136 years ago.

The jerseys are alot better than I thought they were going to be B.C, Saskatchewan and Toronto are much better and I like that they left the Als jersey alone. I'm not crazy about the Stamps new look but i'll learn to accept it.

Oh, I loved the black and gold. But some people cried blasphemy when they went back to yellow, unaware that it was in fact the original colour.

What I hate is the white pants. The gold pants were far better, and yellow would be just as good. The black-on-black and white-on-white combinations don't work for me. If they must have different pants for home and away, they should go with black shirt/yellow pants for home, and white shirt/black pants for the road.

But on the whole I'm okay with it. I'm certainly not going to abandon my team because of it. :!:

It was just a general comment. I am so glad that the ARGOS got rid of the TEAL[GREEN].........what was that about?

I don't know...I hated that, and the logo. :evil:

But of course, they're the Argos, and I'm a Cat fan, so I expect to hate everything about them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's how I'd rank em:

  1. Hamilton(easily)
  2. Winnipeg(looks like the Rams, but that's still cool)
  3. Montreal(actually I still think they have the league's nicest jersey. But I won't put them #1, because no real changes were made)
  4. Edmonton(also not much of a change. Though the small changes made were an improvement)
  5. Toronto(I like going back to the double blue also. That aqua-blue was garbage. Too 90's)
  6. Calgary(I'm a Stamps fan and am disappointed in these. I like the black numbering on the road jersey. But what the hell is that red bib on top?? I know a couple other teams have this as well, but not on their road jerseys. I like the idea of it, but they should've shaped it different. Maybe more boxed. The home one is cool, but again, hate that bib)
  7. Saskatchewan(I really don't like how they are trying to fit black into their colour scheme, it doesn't match. But on those new jerseys, it looks good)
  8. Ottawa(the Rendegades unis aren't bad. But their old ones were still brand new, and I think alot nicer. Their old ones had more of an NFL look than these ones did)
  9. B.C.(I like the return to orange, I was hoping they would do this. But it's just WAY too plain! There's nothing on it, it looks like a practice jersey. They should've just used their orange third jerseys from last year, with the black numbering and black and white stripes on the sleeves. Those were awesome jerseys)

Over-all, I think the jerseys look way too generic. It looks like there's three different designs, and just copied on the nine jerseys. Overall I give a C on the jerseys.

3rd jerseys are stupid, the only one i like the esks, cuz its gold. but other wise they are stupid.