CFL Jerseys

I ordered an Eskies jersey way back in March and it was unavailable, but they back ordered it for me. Yesterday if finally showed up just in time for the start of the season and the Bay Area Canuck parties coming up!

I must say I am extremely impressed with this. It is much nicer than I thought it would actually be. The quality is excellent and the fit is perfect. I ordered an XL and I'm glad I did.

Many thanks to the guys at Jersey City in Calgary (the supplier for the store on this site) for getting it to me!

It says "Tucker" on it in honour of Jason Tucker, who's from San Francisco.

I'm thinking I might order a home jersey with "Parker" on it in honour the late great player.

I didnt like those jerseys at first.. but now it doesnt look that bad.. I would love to get a retro Rider jersey with either #23 or #34 with Lancaster or Reed on them, respectively.

I've always found the yellow third jerseys quite shocking but have liked them ever since they were released by the Esks. I've even liked them increasingly more, the more often they wear them. At the Esks training camp scrimmage, they even went with the yellow jerseys AND yellow pants.

A George Reed jersey would rock! He was one of the all-time greats. Lots of fond memories of that guy. :thup:

The gold is very bright for sure but it should stand out nicely at the predominantly black and silver Raider games 8)

George Reed is the greatest.I'd love a retro Reed jersey. I had actually met him at the car dealership he works at.Nicest guy i've ever met. I could'nt buy a car from him though. Not enugh money at the time. Great expeirence though. :thup:


I like yellow, and the Esks yellow jerseys aren't bad, but I think yellow pants, jersey and helmet would be a bit much!!

Hey! It's not YELLOW it's GOLD as in GREEN and GOLD :smiley:

All gold would be a bit much though :lol:

I like the look myself although I am not a fan of the gold jersey/gold pants. Personally I like the green jersey/gold pants, white jersey/green pants. I wonder how the gold jersey would look with white pants?


That's a nice looking jersey. I've been thinking of getting one myself, but not enough cash at the moment.

I bought an Oilers jersey last summer at West Ed.

yuck. hockey