CFL Jerseys

Is it me or does anyone else share the same opinion.

With replica jerseys I find that if you wash them too much the logos on the sleeves crack. I would be in favor of Reebok using crests much like NHL jerseys use. Yes, this would eliminate having to buy a new jersey every year (assuming people care or if they change the look of your favorite teams jersey). I for one would have no problem shelling out a couple extra dollars for sewn on crests or if that can't be done, make Authentic jerseys available (Ones the players wear) like the NFL and NHL do.

Opinions on this would appreciated because maybe if there is enough noise the CFL might do something if there is enough positive reaction.

As a season ticket holder in Edmonton, they DO have a lockeroom sale where game worn jersey's are available BUT are the hottest item and are snatched up right away at this first come first serve event at the end of November and with people lining up hours before the doors to the Eskimoes lockeroom are opened and I for one am not willing to wait outside for hours at the end of November for a game worn jersey.

You cant buy CFL game worn jerseys somewhere online?

i would love crests on shoulders of jerseys ( altho the eskies and als dont have any on thiers, so should stay cheaper than the rest )

I haven't had an issue with my Jersey and I've had it since.. 2005?
Mind you I don't need to get it washed that often.

are you making sure to wash it as it is said? lol.

Yup and I just throw it on a hanger and let it dry that way. I honestly think jerseys would look better with sewn on crests.

I'd have an opinion if I could actually purchase a jersey.

I live in the States. I tried to buy and Eskies jersey a couple of months ago and told they were back ordered.

I haven't heard a thing since.

Back ordered? In March? They should NEVER be sold out. I know the CFL's popularity is growing, but there is really no excuse to be out of stock of popular items. That's lost revenue.

I have quite a few… real game worn jerseys…

2 from Saskatchewan, 1 from B.C., one from Calgary and one from Winnipeg.

They’re quite heavy compared to those immitation Jerseys…

Wash jerseys? 8) 8) 8) You mean, we're supposed to do that? 8) 8) 8) What if it washes all the luck away? :wink: :wink: :wink:

don't buy the replica's ... buy the originals ...


I washed my Puma replica (Al’s 2004 Cahoon) jersey a couple of times (even on gentle) and indeed, the front number got washed away.

I now use Febreze after the game on it, and hang it to dry.

My RBK 2005 (Blue Al’s Cahoon replica), no issue with it yet…

As for my 2005 Grey Cup worn (RBK blue - Strickland), a couple of seams on the shoulders are barely holding on.

I don't want actual game worn jerseys. I would like for the CFL store to sell blank jerseys that are like game worn jerseys (material wise) with the option of putting numbers on it (like they do with the replicas).I have no problem paying more for one because of the quality.

Statik is correct. During last years locker room sale, you could tell the difference in quality between the actual game jerseys and the replicas....


You still don't want to wash the "Luck" out of them...Do you? :wink: :wink:

Game worn jerseys are a tough ticket here in Edmonton. I know as a first time season ticket holder for the 07 season, I will get a ticket to the lockeroom sale BUT I've heard people line up 2 to 3 hours before the lockeroom opens to get a jersey. I don't know much about the Esks lockeroom sale BUT if I'm correct, I don't want to wait outside for two hours at the end of november.

I noticed that on the Bluebombers site, they do sell Pro jerseys (with the Canad Inns and Rona patches) for justover 200 dollars. I wonder why no other teams do that.