CFL jerseys- your pick

If you were given one jersey from each team, which players name/number would you choose?

Here's mine.

Cal.- Abdullah
Edm- Ray
BC- Dickenson
Sask- Armstead

Ham- Maas
Tor- Allen
Mon- Calvillo
Win- Roberts

Calgary - Rambo ( how cool is that name?..i'd wear it with army )
Edmonton - Ray
BC - Simon
Sask - Joseph

Hamilton - Lumsden ( i woulda bought one, if he was still with them )
Toronto - Miles or Baker
Montreal - Cahoon
Winnipeg - Stegall

Hmm ... well, I've long been trying to decide who I'd put on a new Stamps jersey ... but I think I'd have to go with Coe. (Or maybe even Sapunjis! Or Grace ...or Ralph ... aw crap).
Edmonton - I'd burn it
Sask - see above :slight_smile:
BC - Thelwell
Winnipeg - If Fleming still played, him. Otherwise, how can you go against Canada :slight_smile: Stegall would be good too, or #88 (I can't believe I forget his name right now, but he's a reliable go-to guy)
Hamilton - Maas
Toronto - Johnson, or Ivory
Montreal - Cahoon
And if I got an Ottawa jersey (I'm planning on buying one as soon as I get the coin) I'd put Ranek on the back.

Cal.- Copeland
Edm- Ray
BC- Banks
Sask- anyone, it would end up burnt anyways

Ham- Holmes
Tor- Allen
Mon- Landry
Win- Walls (Ordered it, its on the way)

which one?

Current Roster
BC: Warren
EDM: Mobley or Brady
CGY: Abdullah
Sask: Davis
Wpg: Stegall
Ham: Maas
Tor: Allen
Mtl: Chiu

All Time
B.C. Fernandez
Edm: Moon
CGY: Flutie
Sask: Narceese
Wpg: Dunnnigan
Tor: Holloway or Pinball
Ham: Mosca, with those bumblebee sleeves!
Ott: Clements
Mont: Pringle

Sask - Joseph (gotta support the new QB)
Cal - Burris (I'm not a Burris hater)
Edm - Davis (Everyone else makes me sick)
BC - Clermont

Ham - Holmes
Tor - Allen
Mon - Calvillo
Wpg - Roberts (Again everyone else makes me sick)

I would wear any jersey with the number 13 but it would never have any name but my own on it. I wont wear someone else's name

First choice (2nd choice)

BC = Miles (Warren)
CGY= Grace (Copeland)
EDM= Wiltshire (Durden)
SSK= Jurineack (Hunt)
WPG= Canada (Walls)
TOR= Talbot (Prefontaine)
HML= Barrenechea (Ranek)
MTL= Stewart (The Don!)

BC- Claremont
Edmonton- Gass
Calgary- Copeland
Saskatchewan- Curry
Hamilton- Cavil
Toronto- Miles
Montreal- Cahoon

Wow Im really into receivers. Other than the als jersey the only one Id consider buying though would be cavil's because he was a very good receiver for the als and a really cool guy

Toronto-(Though this one would have to be forced upon me) Johnson

My choices of Game worn jersey would be:

BC: Miles
CGY: Copeland
EDM: Durden
SASK: Joseph
WPG: Can't make my mind between Picard, Roberts & Fiaconni !
HAM: Maas
T.O: O'Shea (as much as I hate HIM !)
MTL: Cahoon

Hamilton - Holmes
Montreal - Calvillo
Toronto - Miles
Winnipeg - Steagal
Saskatchewan - Dominguez
Edmonton - Davis
B.C. - Simon
Calgary - Burris

My choices are:


WPG- whatever # Hebert would have worn
HAM- Holmes
TOR- Baker
MTL- Cahoon

All-time choices would be:
BC- Passaglia

MTL-Dalla Riva
OTT-Wonderful Mohns(love that name)

Rahim Abduallah, just b/c he used to be an esk.

BC- dickenson
Cal- Coe
Edm- don't care
Ssk- joseph

Wpg- Canada
Ham- mass
Tor- Allen
Mtl- Cahoon

My Choices are

BC-Ryan Thelwell
EDM-Jason Tucker
SSK-Matt Dominguez

WPG-Milt Stegall
MTL-Dave Stalla
TOR-Jordan Younger or (ricky Williams)
HAM-Jason Goss

A Ricky Williams Argo jersey will be a collector's item,cause he will never play for them, the Dolphins are making sure of that!

It's irrellevant because I won't ever wear/own a jersey from another CFL team.
I wear a green AJ Gass jersey these days.

I already have:

Hamilton: Yeast (bet you didn't see that coming) and Morreale
Calgary: Garcia and Reynolds

Winnipeg: Stegall
BC: Printers
Toronto: Allen (greatest QB I've ever seen play)

I don't really like anybody else on other teams.