CFL Jersey sponsor rights up for grabs

Rights are available to highest bidder after the Grey Cup

The Canadian Football League is set to sell some of its most valuable real estate — a patch of fabric on every player’s right shoulder.
Thursday morning the league will announce it’s opening up bidding for a leaguewide jersey sponsor for the 2018 season. Canadian Pacific has occupied that space the last three seasons, but its jersey deal expires after next month’s Grey Cup.
The league’s previous jersey sponsors have each been Canadian companies, but CFL executive Tyler Mazereeuw says the league isn’t restricting its search for a new jersey partner to Canada.

More than 2 million spectators attended CFL regular season games last year, while broadcasts averaged 553,000 viewers on TSN and another 130,000 on RDS. According to the league, 65 per cent of CFL-related images posted on social media feature player jerseys.
“You’re embedded within the content itself,? he said. “The brand that’s on that jersey goes along for the ride.?


Not a big fan of jersey sponsorship, but I know it's not going away. The CFL has done it tastefully, unlike soccer or Nascar. Guaranteed other leagues will follow the CFL and NBA. There's money to be made and TV revenue has maxed out so leagues will be looking for other sources of revenue.
I really like that when I'm at a game in Toronto, the field isn't covered but they still manage to get the ads on there virtually. The CFL has been at the lead when it comes to other ad revenues. Sideline electronic billboards are a great example. I know the teams don't like being on the same side of the field but it does increase revenue.

Hopefully the League can get a big international brand, would be good for the League, and it looks as though that's what they're currently interested in looking at.

Amazon, Google, Apple, and Netflix would be huge IMO, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself. lol

lets see what this minor league can offer- 553,000 viewers per game TSN+ 130,000 viewers RDSX 81 regular season games plus playoffs, preseason and G.C. = approx65 million per minute viewer. Add the 25 ESPN games at 150,000 to 250,000= another5 million

Reachwill be 2.5 to 3.0 X these numbers. Also give them a field advertisement so the companies name is well covered.

Alsoadd in the fact that Manziel will give some company a lot of viewers in the U.S.more than we had this year plus all news papers, highlights, pregame shows, rebroadcasts of games and I do notknow how many other things are out there.

What is all of that worth. Probably the most money would come from a US source that sells everywhere. Rogers - you interested

Just a small correction: RDS still doesn't show all 81 CFL games. They seem to air all the Als and Redblacks, and then a decent number of the rest. I think this is their first season with this much coverage. We'll have to see if they expand or reduce next season.

Despite the "exposure", this will not be an easy sell. And, it'll likely be tied into a complete package of benefits including tickets, other signage and GC leverage.

I could never understand why CP bought in...their client base is literally in the hundreds...the companies that move coal, potash, grain and other commodities are the people they're selling to and many of them are in the US....I figure it was a political buy as much as anything.

I thinkthe League'sbest bets are to pitch Canadian companies that have a wider, general consumer base like food, drink and/or other packaged goods that can work the "exposure" they get from jerseys into their overall marketing ad plans.

I have put quotation marks around "exposure" as this kind of awareness is limited in it's efficiency. Your logo can't tell your company's story or position your product vs. your competition or help much during specific promotions. Don't get me wrong, it's a good vehicle for somebody but the CFL's sponsorship recruitment dept have their hands full on this one and as someone who's been in this game for a few years, I wish them the best of luck.

How about mosaic , yara , let’s see some of these companies step up and support the communities . Start spending some of that money back in the country supporting cfl. Trans Canada pipelines , come on boys let’s spend some cake on the cfl. Make it grow.

I agree with this statement so much I can not even say how much.

There has been a good list of names that have been in that spot on the shoulder, but it is time the league approach someone if they get less than ideal sponsorship offers. No knock on CP, kudos to them and thanks for stepping up, but even if it is for slightly less the league needs to look at a branding that will do more with speaking to a youth market. The dream would be Red Bull, Monster, Netflix, etc dropping a crest there. Something where someone already has media in place that draws to a young crowed where they can marry some of each orther's market.

Oh yeah, burton, red bull , I agree if they would go for it.

CP thankyou. You have been there like a rock supporting a Canadian Institution.

If I was CP, I would have 1 luxury train, a5star for rail tripsacross Canada and offer thatat a good price. They would do quite well with itI should think as all of the others seem to sell out.

should also keep there ties with the CFL somehow.

Let's hope someone wants it.

Because of the "You Can Play", NFL/CFL coed flag football, female tackle football, Breast Cancer Awareness month and the many females involved in Football/Cheer teams/female fans- could we see a female based company as a sponsor such as "Cover Girl" or other sponsoring the CFL? seems like a fit as these products sell everywhere and it could be a goodbusiness fit with the CFL's initiatives. I wouldn't have a problem with it. CFL needs to sell it if it makes sense.

I can tell you one thing as soon as that newshit, it would be world wide media coverage