CFL jersey rule question

In the Eastern Final this year, as the home team, Toronto wore their dark blue home jersey. However, instead of the typical white road jersey, Winnipeg wore their dark gold alternates.

I thought before that one team had to wear white each game. I noticed the same thing happen last year.

Does this mean that as long as the colours aren't a near match (like B.C. wearing their black jerseys at the same time Hamilton wears their black home one) that both teams can wear coloured uniforms at a time? Why doesn't this happen more often then? White uniforms can get a little boring after a while, because they take away the distinctiveness of some teams. It would also give teams to showcase their alternate jerseys on TV more often.

Any thoughts?

The Bombers did the same thing last year in the ESF. Toronto wore their blues and Wpg wore their gold. According to the tv announcers, the Bombers had to ask for, and recieved, special permission from the league to do this.

the bombers should ONLY wear thier white pants with those gold jerseys…cuz they look terrible with the blue pants.

White pants!?! That would be worse than Monday Night's game.

ya i don;t like the blue pants with the gold jerseys, but the team did it this year cuz of the fames superstition in sports. we won with them ince and kept it up until we lost.