CFL Jersey Re-Design 2012

Reebok is re-designing all the uniforms next year...again

What do guys want the new Ti-Cat's jerseys to look like or any other team for that matter???

Hamilton - I love the current jerseys and how they, managed to pull off a combined look of the traditional and modern Ti-Cat look. I really like them as they are. I hope the new design can pull off the same combo

Toronto - As long as the stay with double blue, and not go with another colour as they did with that green trim a few years back.

Montreal - Stick with the red, white and blue combo - Time to get rid of the gray helmets and pants. Loved the white helmets they had for one game.

Winnipeg - Don't care

Saskatchewan and Calgary - LOSE THE BLACK!

Edmonton - stay traditional

B.C. - keep the orange and white dominant combo. Hated that knock off Raiders, black and silver combo a while back.

Ticats jerseys look good as they are although I would welcome a change. Maybe return the white sleeves. Keep the black pants, make the away jerseys less horrid and were good. Gold third jersey again would be nice.

Winnipeg looks best in their gold jerseys, montreal should keep their traditional look, maybe lose the silver. BC should base their jerseys off the third ones they have with the black and the paw logo. Put more black in place of the white. Same with Calgary. Their black jerseys look best and so do their black pants.

I hate the current uniforms...They almost look like a Dead End checkerboard road sign or a Deer Crossing road sign...


How 'bout this....

Make the throwback uni from 2009 the uniform with that colour of gold on the helmets.Have the "pouncing tiger" as the mainstay of the helmet but have the TC as an alternate?

Simple,yet classic...


Agreed again.

Agreed yet again !

Well I do care. I think Winnipeg's third jerseys are the ugliest by far. .. if I never see them again, I'll be a happy man.

Winnipeg should go back to royal blue like they had before '96(?) when they changed to navy. Actually they should just use the retro uni design but put the modern logo (W with lightning and football, but go with a white W).
Actually I think most teams should go back to a retro look, expecially for next season (100th GC and all), would be great IMO>

Mark me down as a proponent of a modern take on the classic look of the 60s and 70s. Not unlike what the Blue Jays are doing this year or what many NHL teams have done in recent years.

The current sweaters are just iterations of the same kits worn by the Stamps and Argos. They are kinda comic bookish and would be better suited on a Division II college team.

Please, no gold jerseys. They are Fugly. Go back to the retro colours and eliminate the black and the white pants

Is the the retro uniform you're thinking of? :lol:

Seriously, I like the '70-'80s look. Black jersey with solid gold numbers, gold pants, gold helmets with the leaping tiger. And lots of stripes on the sleeves.

But teams don’t wear sleeves long enough to accommodate that type of striping any more. This is probably the biggest change to football unis now compared to 20-25 years ago. Some uni buffs have suggested that teams be forced to wear Under Armour type undershirts with skin-tight sleeves so the stripes could be restored to the uni.

A modern take on the retro's we wore in the 2010 season

I know, I know. But I can always wish for them to put sleeves back on the jerseys. Plus, those short non-sleeves they have today keep popping off the shoulder pads. I guess the current sleeves are better than what some of the linemen used to do to the old jerseys to make the arm holes bigger.

The problem with the UA shirts is that everyone would need to wear them, and that isn't going to happen. Oh well.

I read somewhere that the Bombers will not go with a white away uniform next, instead they will wear blue at home and gold on the road...lets hope this isnt true! :expressionless:

Sounds like justification for having a third jersey in gold just to prevent the Bombers from wearing their gold away jersey. :twisted:

How 'bout stripes over the shoulders like the late '50's jersey??

I love the 70's jerseys...and tried to find luck...

I guess that's why each individual players entire uniform was for sale including their helmet. It stands to reason the helmet colour will change and the logo will remain the same. I personally like the mustard yellow helmet with a white and black center stripe with the leaping tiger logo and the players number on the back. It appears I will have to make a special trip to Tiger Town ..............I currently have 8 jerseys ..... 4 game worn. The shrine may expand?

8) Too many uniform changes in recent years. We're talking football! Who cares what the guys wear?

If I may suggest however, white pants with lavender polka dots, and pink jerseys with brown horizontal stripes.

The jerseys should fall low enough to become tutus at the bottom end.

We may attract a whole new breed of fan.

Seriously, I like what the guys are wearing now. 8)

I was hoping for a bit more of a change than that... Not that I don't like the current jerseys but if you're gonna change them, actually change them. Hopefully the home jerseys aren't gold.

Why Home and Away Jerseys anyway??
White on the road and dark at home dates back to the days of black and white TV when it was required to have one team in dark and one in white, no colours to distinguish the teams. It is now more of a tradition rather than confusion on the field.
It wouldn't matter one bit these days if the Ticats in their Black jerseys played the Bombers in their Blue home jerseys, same with all the other teams. The Ticats in black playing on the road against Edmonton in Green or Sask in Green.
Let them save some money and have one Black and Gold Jersey Home and Away.