CFL Jersey Patches

Does anyone know where to purchase the 'RONA' and 'NISSAN" patches as worn on CFL jerseys? I've looked hard on the internet but can't seem to find a thing. I think it would be really cool to be able to replicate a real game-day jersey.. anybody got any suggestions?

not sure if you could get them.

I talked to a guy at Rona today in Burnaby BC about that. I will let you know if I get more details. I may have to contact their head office. As far as Nissan goes, I have no idea. could probably get Derick Armstrong's patches at a reduced price...

I've asked the same question a number of times and have never gotten an answer. I honestly think your idea would work. I'd also like to see a replica style jersey that is close to a "game worn jersery" in the way the material used is a thicker quality and teams logos on there jerseys (ie BC Lions for example) are actual crested on and not silk screened on. The NFL does this and they're called "Authentic Style" Replica jerseys. They aren't exactly like the player jerseys becayse those are made to fit tight (Anyone who's purchased a game worn at a locker room sale knows what I'm talking about). To get an idea of what I'm talking about go to the link provided below

I have the home and road New York Jets jerseys in the "Authentic Style" Replica and I really noticed the difference between my jerseys and the standard replicas you get at your every day jersey store.

If you looked at the link, I used the home Baltimore Ravens jersey because it's close to the way most CFL jerseys are.

-The "Ravens" name below the collar is sewn on (I think all CFL jerseys have the team name or city below the collar)
-The shields on the sleeves are sewn on (Most CFL jerseys have the team logo on the sleves or on the shoulders)
-The cuffs are elastisizes (Much like the standard QB or WR jersey)

Those are the more noticable differences between the standard replica jersey and this "Authentic style" replica jersey.

They are a little more in price but i believe there would be enough of a demand for them, thus making it IMHO a viable product for the CFL to seriously contmplate selling.

why would anybody want those patches on their jersey I can’t stand when football,hockey players turn into a running or skating billboards it looks stupid. It only works on soccer jerseys. I would never buy a football jersey if it had those gawd awful patches on it. :thdn:

My question is... Why do you think it works on soccer jerseys and not on football and hockey jerseys?

I know there's alot of fans that share your very opinion on adveritsement patches on jerseys and on the field and so forth. With that being said, there are fans (I am one) that would like to buy the sponsor patches to make my jersey look a little closer to the real thing. To me, I don't think there's anything worng with that. The patches would be made a seperate item (much like cresting).

My reason for wanting the patches is to be able to closer replicate the look of what the pros actually wear.. The same reason people would want to get nameplates and stuff stitched rather than screen-printed on

I agree, silk screened on name bar and numbers do take away from a jersey don't they? :rockin:

I've been trying to find a rona patch as well. i saw a guy at the last grey cup with a rider jersey with them on and he said he bought the jersey with them on already at a jersey city in saskatoon.

also i had asked a manager at a jersey city in regina about getting an actually pro jersey and he said it is possible but it could cost up to 400$.

I posted on here months ago about how hard it is to find real CFL jerseys that are of high Quality .

I started a poll on this forum about the exact same thing.

I even emailed someone at the CFL store asking why there wasn't a higher quality replica jersey made available. No one ever e-mailed me back. What I don't understand, is Reebok is the official supplier of merchandise for the CFL right? It is for the NFL and they do the "Authentic style" replicas for them. I know, this is the CFL and the demand for those isn't quite as high than they would be for the NFL but looking at these posts might prove otherwise. It wouldn't hurt if they at least made them available. If they don't sell, i'll be the first one to admit I was wrong about this but I think the better style jerseys WILL sell and the moment they do, i'll be first in line to buy a home and road Eskimops jersey. As a matter of fact IF the CFL was to NOT go with a new Retro jersey every year (I know this''ll be the first Esks one but on the CFL logo patch it's got Retro 2009 on it which makes me believe next year will be a new one) I'd buy one of those too.

Try a Team Locker Room Sale…
Buy Practice Jersery they’ll have the Patches Removed them and your set

I went to a lockeroom sale here in Edmonton and they didn't have any practice jerseys. They did have game worn jerseys and I purchased one of them, but for 350 dollars there is NO WAY I'm taking the Rona and Scotia Bank patches off of it.

I still think that an "Authentic style" replica jersey should be made available. Those IMHO would or SHOULD have the patches.

Winnipeg offered that option a couple years back as well. 400 dollars seems a little steep as I paid for a Comisky game worn two years ago for 350 dollars at a locker room sale.

I've even called the main Eskimos store at their thicket office to no avail. Maybe it should be a "CFL store exclusive"? Just get it done that's all I ask.

I remember when you could buy the "Radically Canadian" patches in the late '90s. Got one put on an Allen Pits replica jersey I bought back then.
Comparing things now, as far as selection and availability, things seem to have gone downhill (IMO) since Jersey City became the official supplier of CFL gear. They always carry more NFL stuff in their stores and they get very little CFL stuff in, even now that the season has started. It seems that they don't want to get that much CFL stuff in because they don't think it sells as much as the NFL or other leagues (such as NHL, which is an American league anyway IMO).
It would be nice to get more kinds of CFL merch, like "authentic" replica jerseys, but until the CFL gets a different deal on who's the "official supplier" , we will be waiting a long time.

I find that every Jersey City store I’ve been in to be quite small in size and very crammed for space with the items they do carry and for that I understand they can’t carry everything in store. I do agree however they do tend to carry a bit more NFL stuff than CFL and maybe it is because NFL gear sells better but what can you do? Unfortunately, there’s not another Canada wide sports merchandise chain the CFL could go to.

The problem is, I don’t think it’s Jersey City’s fault there’s no “authentic style” replicas and other CFL merch. I think it’s more a CFL and Reebok thing. Reebok makes pro weight jerseys that are available to the public for the NHL and the NFL for a greater price. I know I’ve repeated that time and time again but face it there is a demand for it. This thread proved it, my previous poll and thread proved it and let’s be honest not every CFL fan posts on this forum or on local forum so let’s figure there’s could very well be enough of those CFL fans out there that would like the higher quality jersey. :thup: