CFL jersey ads

I just wanted to get some thoughts on what you all think of them.

Personally I think it cheapens the league, teams and players. Its little things like this that make many look at the CFL as very 2nd rate.

I would like to see the league get rid of them all together.

Me too, but it's money for the league.

Are you referring to the lions' ad? If so I laughed out loud at the portrayal of the ticats fan.If this is the ad you are speaking of you can find it at the globe website.

I think he means the ads sewn on the jerseys.

All the times have a RONA patch sewn on as a league ad, and each team had their own. In Hamilton's case, I believe it's PRIMUS.

They're on the game jerseys too.

I don't mind the advertising. It's small and it brings revenue to the teams. I also think it's cool because it can make for some good collector items.


Lets say the Tiger-Cats win the Grey Cup this year. You could buy an authentic jeresy and have the "primus" logo added to it to make it "official". The next year they might have a different sponsor... I don't know... I'm going with the whole NASCAR thing I guess! LOL

As long as they jeresy doesn't turn into something like Soccer or Europen Hockey I'm cool with it.

  1. I can't stand them.
  2. My son is quite proud of his Arsenal Jersey (English Premier Leage soccer/football) and they aren't small time. The 'Fly Eminates' (airlines) ad is bigger than the Arsenal patch.

Take from this what you will.

I agree the simpler and more straight forward, the better the jersey. I disagree that this is a 'small league' move. The largest and richest soccer clubs in the world sell much larger logos featured more predominantly than the club crest or logo.

Its fine by me.

Maybe in the near future they'll be sporting a Hamilton Predators patch.

I'd rather them sport a Hamilton Steelhawks patch. I can't stand the Predators logo, jersey or name.

I don't like the jersey ads. (I don't like all the ads on the field either, but that's another topic...)

But money talks so these ads are here to stay.

I like the Predators logo, almost like the Cats and many think their jerseys are cool too, with all the silver. Hamilton Predators sounds good, where does the ticket line start? As for advertising, Europe is full of it. Sometimes I forget and start cheering for the Manchester AIG's or Chelsea Siemens, the logos are so predominate over a tiny team logo. Or how about European hockey? Players look like they belong in Nascar.