CFL issues statement regarding discovery of remains of 215 Indigenous children at former residential school

TORONTO — The CFL issued the following statement on Sunday evening:

The Canadian Football League and its clubs join with all those honouring and remembering the memory of the 215 Indigenous children whose remains were recently found at the site of a former residential school in British Columbia. The suffering of their families – and the collective trauma this has triggered for Indigenous people across the country – reminds us all that Canada’s story includes acts of extreme cruelty fuelled by racism and colonialism, and there is so much more to be done to acknowledge and address the pain and injustice imposed upon First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

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It's a good gesture for CFL teams to light their stadiums orange in honour of these children. A very sad part in our history and should be recognized as such just like other tragedies at the hands of governments.


to think that for every dead child, there were dozens if not hundreds of others who suffered greatly at these schools.


Estimated 45 to 50 thousand children (not only Natives) were abused by the Catholic Church in Canada. It is a known thing in French Canada, Newfoundland and other areas.

Class Action lawsuits in the works. Catholic Church should be made to pay and forced to reform to make sure it is held accountable and cleansed of its large "Pedo" membership.

I wonder if the Pope is a Pedo?

These residential schools were abuse camps.

My father and mother went to these schools. My father was taken from his parents at the age 6. Forced to stay in school for 10 months of the year, see his parents for the other two months. My father told me he was malnourished all the time there until he got to work in the kitchen to help prep foods to feed the other students. He'd tell me the priests would eat good while the kids were fed porridge and stale bread, hardly any meat.

My father told me that he ran away from the school when he was 12. He jumped the fence, walked two days to get back home. When he got home, the priests and police were there waiting for him. My father said he had to return or they were going to arrest my grandparents if he didn't go back willingly. My father went back and was strapped on his buttocks by the priests so much that he couldn't sit for days.

It was no picnic for him back then, My father resented the Church, internalized his anger. He didn't get a formal education in these so-called schools.

The thing is that my mother never experienced any abuse in the girls residential school. My mother got into the residential schools late when she was 12. Her grandfather would take her with him when he worked in lumber camps started up in the Spring until they closed for the Winter. Then they come back to the Rez when the coast was clear. It was when she turned 12, the local RCMPs showed up and had taken her to the girls residential school. My mother didn't speak a word of English when she went to that school. She only spoke in Ojibwe and French. The other kids would make fun of her by calling her "Bush Girl" in hushed Ojibwe or point out a word in a book and ask her what does that say. The nuns instructed her French at first, but she quickly grasped English within 2 years. The nuns would marvel on what great work they did in the name of God to educate this poor girl from the wilderness.

When the old residential schools that my parents went to were later converted to affordable housing for white people. It burned down later on, my parents were glad it burned down. BTW, nobody died when the school burned. It was that old and run down


I am so sorry to hear about your Parents and the cruelty they had to endure. As a natural born White Canadian, I feel very ashamed at the historical ways our ancestors behaved towards your ancestors. I really believe that the Government owe the families of those 215 children a thorough and extensive investigation into how each child dies and who was responsible. If those responsible are still alive they MUST be incarcerated for the rest of their lives ! For I don't believe those innocent victims passed naturally ! The Churches involved should also be made to pay for allowing such horrible treatment to occur.


It's disgusting how many pedos and abusers get drawn into positions of authority in all sorts of areas.

These folks should be treated no different than other war criminals, Nazis, and so forth.

I'd support full out investigations into this, who did what to these kids, and then letting the chips fall where they may.


I just want all of us to think about how WE would have felt been torn from our loving family and thrust into a foreign world, only to face unspeakable cruelty, unwanted religious indoctrination, and even the threat (or reality) of a horrible death.

Unfortunately, it's just one of several shameful, racist tales from Canada's past that also included a Chinese head tax, the rejection of the MS St. Louis that sent hundreds of Jewish refugees to their deaths in Nazi camps, the internment of Japanese and Italian Canadians and the confiscation of all their possessions, the rejection of the Komagata Maru because they were British Indians, and many other terrible atrocities, including early slavery. Pretty much anybody who wasn't white was affected by absolutely shameful and racist policies promoted by our pious ancestors.
Canada will always be a story about trying to atone for past wrongs and doing the right thing today will always include treating ALL people with dignity and respect as human beings.


Hoping they will be able to indentify all the children and bring them home to a respectful resting place .

The descendants will need a proper process to make sure the victims receive a timely investigation .

Condolences to anyone who had to endure these types of residential school programs and family members that were effected many years later .


I think you meant to say "native born". Natural born means your mother didn't have a c-section.

Sounds a lot like what the military went through in both world wars, particularly for those who were conscripted. Tack on PTSD as well in both cases.

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A good friend of my wife was interred as a Dukhobor child, ripped away from her family & put in camp for the same reasons as the natives, "education". One of the most poignant pictures I've ever seen is a mother kissing her child through a chain link fence, & it was the child inside the fence. Goodness knows what horror stories lie there, no wonder these victims refer to themselves as 'survivors'.


madorosh :
"I think you meant to say "native born". Natural born means your mother didn't have a c-section."

Yes you are correct in your observation, however ….
I was going to state “NATIVE BORN”, however since the topic was about Canadian Natives I chose Natural Born to distinguish between the difference I was, to the victims of this horrible incident. In any case it is disgusting what my ancestors did to those indigenous people both in lower Canada and the Northern Territories. There is no excuse and no real way to correct the wrong, it makes me ashamed to be associated with those responsible . History can not be changed but the present Government politicians saying "Sorry!" just doesn't seem to me, to be enough. It is a start but prosecuting those involved would seem more appropiate. And of course repatriating those victims with full disclosure what and how they died is also a must.


True enough,and I can't even imagine what that kind of life had on children.

I dont think the two things are in the same ballpark. Same mountain, yeah

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The government could start by ensuring that every single indigenous person has access to clean water. It's unbelievable in this day and age that this is still going on.


Exactly. Put money toward something useful

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I wish I could like this post 10 times

not that it matters, but natural born Canadian is correct.

one of many examples

natural-born Canadian citizen - English definition, grammar, pronunciation, synonyms and examples | Glosbe

Why does CFL leadership feel it must comment on issues that have NOTHING to do with football? This league's activism will be the death of it... unless it's already dead for not having played a game in 558 days.