CFL issues ruling regarding Argos' John Murphy

HAMILTON — The CFL has released the following statement:

The Canadian Football League has suspended indefinitely John Murphy, Toronto Argonaut Vice-President Player Personnel, following an investigation into his physical and verbal altercation with fans following last Sunday’s Eastern Final.

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Not sure what happened here, but suspending someone during their off season seems pretty toothless. Unless he lose wages I don't see the point, seems mostly symbolic at best.

Not sure if he was but if either Edmonton or Ottawa had him on a list for their GM position - - - would think that would eliminate him from that.

Being on indefinite suspension may force the Argos to replace him as they prepare for next year too.

They would have to suspend him for a long time for this to have any impact, I would think. Found a clip online of some player/fan interactions but Murphy wasn't in it.

Funny - TSN had a video clip of Murphy - but it isn't there anymore?

You're right, found it on TSN. Not much, couple of half-hearted swings & some yapping, but he probably shouldn't have been there. No biggy.

He was likely suspended moreso for the homophobic slur than the physical confrontation.

Too bad it had to come to that. On the other hand, here's hoping that the south end of the north bound horse Ti-Cat fan, who was involved in an altercation with players, is fined appropriately. Between the lines and between the whistles, it's a game. When it's over, it's over. We don't need that stupid, idiot cr*p.

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With everyone and their uncle carrying cell phones, why would anyone – let alone a team exec – carry on like this in public? It just never ceases to amaze me. Don’t they watch the news?

I am not concerned, was in heat of moment everybody needs to get over it. Reportedly a Ham fan spit on someone

The CFL let's career threatening dirty play misbehavior slide, but goes after politically incorrect behaviour overzealously.
I'm thinking of the Eskimos kick returner who was banned a few years back just because he said that his Christian beliefs made him oppose homosexuality.
Then there was long time Offensive lineman Jacob Ruby being blacklisted for lying about being vaccinated.
I used to be a big fan of the CFL, but it's really gone downhill under Randy Ambrosie's stewardship.
I wish he'd resign.