CFL issues decision on status of Argos QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson

TORONTO — Following Toronto Argonauts quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson’s presence at last night’s Toronto Raptors game, the CFL consulted its Medical Committee, which has advised the league throughout the season on its COVID-19 protocols, and its responses to violations of them.

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Wow, what a double standard. Does this mean the other CFL players that had to miss games due to breaking protocols will be compensated?? Once again this Commissioner and League have shown their true colours....pathetic


Aaand that flushing sound you're hearing is the CFL's integrity going down the toilet. :toilet:

Eastern Final Toilet Bowl,


Not really pathetic. The players were encouraged to go to the game by their employers, a unique situation. Perhaps a fine of MLSE would also be appropriate, but this is on the team owners, not the player, so this seems like a reasonable compromise.

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Can I get my name taken off of the Grey Cup Fanbase? I really don’t want to be associated with these buffoons.

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WHAT A JOKE! Once again the CFL is changing the rules to help the Argo's. SHAMEFUL! Embarrassing. Why do they get to break the rules, and then get a free pass?
How does this affect every other player that has followed the rules ALL YEAR LONG! What does it say for the integrity of the league, nothing new in my opinion...

The Team sent him there. The team should SUFFER the consequences.

Oh well, it'll be even more fun when the Cats beat them at full strength, even with the league & ref's doing everything they can to try & hand the argos a win!



This is shameful and embarrassing. You cant creat rule only to pick and choose who to enforce it on. Rules are rules whether they are stupid or not they all need to be followed. I hope you can reconsider this decision .


If this was an isolated incident then I would agree with you. However, this Commissioner and League have a long history of duplicity and lack of integrity. So I stick to my original statement...Pathetic.


I had expected Randy to come out of hiding and sternly announce the Argos had been fined (undisclosed of close) lol and lose their 9th round pick in the 2022 draft.

Absolute BS..... If this had been any other team he wouldn't even be eligible to play.....the league is wearing it's Toronto bias proudly.....


I really think it is time I ask for a FULL refund on my Grey Cup tickets.
If the league wants to know why fans are tuning out - it is because of CRAP like this.

Good job helping the team that already has no fans, and a corporate owner that doesn't give a damn.

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If not MacBeth, the Team and MLSE should be held accountable? No, This is pathetic, and it highlights how the league caters to Toronto. I find this very disheartening. If the Argos make it to the GC, I will wish I was there just to 'boo' MacBeth every time the ball is snapped to him. This (the relaxing of the rule) is a black-eye on the league and it's integrity as far as I am concerned.

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Good point. Add my name to the 'To be removed' list.

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It would still be a great game with Pipkins..... and then I would still
have respect for the outcome and the league. This just demonstrates a lack of integrity. If I didn't know who I wanted to win before, I do now.


Why was the original rule set at 4 Days - - was that for player safety? Was it to protect the other players, staff, and fans of possible spread? If so - - shouldn't that precaution remain in place - if not for Bethel-Thompson and others at the Raptor game - but for the players that will be facing them - the referees and staff that will be dealing with them and the fans in the stadium on Sunday?

In terms of being socially responsible - as a league - you have failed on this. To a far lesser degree - you also open the book on rule manipulation. "It was offside - but not by that much" and "yes we were over the salary cap - but only by a bit".


If it's not MacBeth's fault, he should still get the game check, but we were all told these rules were put in place for public and player safety. So making exceptions after the fact, is simple public and player endangerment.

Pipkins would still make a great game, and then the league could claim integrity. Now 'integrity' is completely out the window.

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Did these guys even know that they were not allowed to attend major sporting events? If they did, then they should not be playing on Sunday. Sound harsh but if you don't enforce the rules, then you have no rules.

With the immense and painful beat down coming the TiCats way on Sunday, this ruling is the least of TICats’ fans worries. Would it be safe to say Argos by at least 55, and MBT doesn’t even play beyond the first quarter?