CFL -issue problem- ARGOS - possible other CFL teams


I want games on Canada Day, but in week 1??? no chance.

Sambo is dead on, but mate, starting on Canada Day wasn't my idea.

Maybe they could have a 'Canada Day Classic' where teams play their Labour Day rivals

I would have NO WORLD CUP , but it happens every 4 years. We can ban all cottages and play off hockey with a Canadian team in it.

CALGARY , had a 9,000+ drop.

The ARGOS beat B.C.

Argos don't have attendence problem. They were first in attendece last week.

HAMILTON , has 29,000+ tonight [ Ham. is only an hour drive form Toronto and the BILLS are 2 hours dive from TORONTO] and had WINNIPEG 28,000+

We could also ban HAMILTON and the BILLS? :lol:

great game in HAMILTON :wink: :thup:

at half time :o


Edmonton Eskimos yesterday(vs. Calgary): 40,491


I dont mind the schedule the way it is, although one thing I would like is a more NHL style playoff run. Maybe start the season 3/4 weeks earlier, but do a best of 3 or 5 playoff series. Why? I love watching playoff sports, and the more the better IMO. If the time between games was dropped to 2/3 days (tough for football though...) it could work.

Bad idea. Why? a 3 of 5 series would take too long to play. Even if they had short weeks like 3 or 4 days it would still take too long to play a series.

As late as 1961 the CFL schedule didn't start until the second week of August after they had played four ex games. The Argos played the St. Louis Cardinals Aug. 2 1961. I think they played a 14 game schedule at that time and the Grey Cup Game was the first saturday in December. That was back in the days teams would go on a western or eastern swing and played two games in one week.
Times have changed.

Agree, and this is FOOTBALL, it's a more bone crushing game, you would exhausted players with this.