CFL -issue problem- ARGOS - possible other CFL teams

News around the Argos week 1 attendance, and why teams like Ottawa suffered, and why B.C drew poorly in week 1 is very simple, and part of the reason why the CFL brass is wanting someone like Herb Herwowetzky to take over. They need the best possible leadership.

Problem. CFL idendity during key parts of the season.

The CFL needs CFL training camp to be apart of the late spring agenda.

WEEK 1 games need to be played on CANADA DAY, and sold out weeks before. Teams need to ticket drive for week 1 or teams 1st home game all off season, and the schedule needs to be strong. STRONG?

all games need to be marketed via networks. CFL 10 team league = 5 games/week


CTV/GLOBAL gets SATURDAY NIGHT double header.

Friday TSN sole FNF game.

CBC gets special THURSEDAY NIGHT late game- or Saturday NIGHT game, or special summer SUNDAY evening game.


Games are played

FRIDAY night TSN -

Saturday NIGHT games-

CBC Sunday Night Football or special THU/SAT night game.

Thanksgiving games takes 1 week off. Then you got the final 2 weeks.

Have 1 week when all games are played on SUNDAY NIGHT.

Then final week, all games are played SAT night, so teams have extra day to prepare for playoffs.

The CFL has a very weak schedule. No one wants to go to any sporting game on a afternoon, unless it's Sunday afternoon in the fall, or holiday afternoon summer/fall.

7:00 games are very weak. Games like FNF should be played 8pm locally. Football games could be shown live on east coast late and still draw because football is not everyday sport like NHL/NBA.

CFL needs strong leadership with the right
in-season marketing.

A better CFL for everyone!

As far as the Argos schedule I am very satisfied. I recently purchased season tickets for the first time since 1995 because I can actually make it to all the games. No mid week games, all weekends, holidays and an odd Friday night brought me back.

Seems that you have some pretty strong ideas about what the league should do. seems you've given these ideas plenty of thought. Hhhhhhhhmmmmmm is someone campaigning for the Commish. job???? :wink:

the league starting on canada day is a joke...then the season wouldnt finish until december....i dont know who would want to be outside in december watching football?

hockey ran late this year ( being an olympic year ) and the word cup hype has overshadowed this years opening week...wont happen again for another 4 years, so no biggie.

I think the CFL needs a 3 or 4 week pre-season(start pre-season in mid-late may). There is hardly any time to evaluate any talent in in-game situations. The first 2 or 3 weeks of the regular season are basically pre-season as it is...teams struggling to get their offences together.

Another problem with the schedule is teams playing their first three games against the same opponent. This was fallout from the Ottawa implosion, so I wouldn't expect this to happen in future years, either.

Starting on canada day a joke?

seasons used to start 2nd week in July and finished in November.

But years went when fools started to cater to people like you who don't know when sports and how sports were good.

esks123 wrote:

think the CFL needs a 3 or 4 week pre-season
That's all I need, to pay for games with my seasons tickets that are exhibition and mean very little. No thank you otherwise I might cancel the season tickets and just go to a flex pack option. I don't like having to pay for preseason games.

sure thing buddy.

The only good days for BC is Friday nights before Labour day, And Saturday nights after Labour day. The one year they played on Sunday Afternoons at home were a disaster! I think each Club has better days of the week than others.

Regarding more pre-season games, that would be something that would have to be negotiated with the Players Assoc. I have mixed feelings about that. Perhaps a "Third" exhibition game in a neutral site. (Saskatoon ?, Red Deer ?, Moncton.?)

lets just move the whole thing back by 2 we'd be in week 4 now, instead of week 2.

the weather can sustain it, and it should help the playoff game gates out west. ( calgarys 24K playoff game last year ring a bell? )

Going to Winnipeg this year will be chilly as it is! :o

It makes sense to start the season a little earlier, 2 weeks would do, when the GC is going to be held outdoors....

that was when it was a sixteen game schedule. Thefirst preseason game was still around the same time as now.

none of this things the author mentions are huge issues, can Friday Night Football, WHAT??? NO WAY!!! Week 1 isn't on Canada Day, so??? Week 3 is. 18 games, the more the merrier.

seems like this guy hasn't seen a CFL FNF game in his life. His ideas don't make sense.

I agree starting 2 to 3 weeks earlier would have us end near the end of October! Late April and the month of May beats the cold temps in November.

And your ideas do KK? Starting the season on Canada Day makes no sense at all. If anything the season should be moved up to the beginning of June or late May. Have a 3 week pre-season, then you can finish the season in the early part of November, rather than 2 to 3 weeks before Christmas if you started on Canada Day.

I think everyone needs to chill.
A slower then anticipated start, but with parity in the league, I am sure the attendance will pick up. I hope.

No one wants to go to any sporting game on a afternoon, unless it's Sunday afternoon in the fall, or holiday afternoon summer/fall.
It's the CBC which demands Sat. 3:00 pm starts so the CFL does not conflict with their national news program.

Those Sat. afternoon games are often poorly attended and draw fewer viewers compared to evening games. But the CBC doesn't really care much about ratings anyways.

But this year CBC is showing many night games --- like tonite.

As far as TV, TSN is the one who forks over the big money. When games are televised depends on their sked --- same as with CBC.

All networks aren't going to get involved because TSN will be the feastured broadcaster. However, since CTV is part of the same family, maybe the next contract will feature some games by then.

As for sked, there's been times recently where sked started on or around Canada Day. Depends on number of teams, where the GC is being held etc.

I'm all for starting TC in early May, making it longer with an extra game (neutral site).

You can make lots of excuses for not attending games in June just like you can any time in summer or in October.

Sure, the NHL lockout gave CFL more media time last year, but teams not drawing sellouts in first few weeks is hardly specific to this season. It's quite commonplace.