CFL is the Only Alternative Again.

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After losing $150 million it appears that the UFL is finally toast... It was stuborness that these guys ever started the league. And despite huge losses (about 3 million dollars for every game that was ever played, they stubornly plowed ahead... One of the main investors was the speaker of the house's husband... No wonder the US economy is in tatters.

All you can say is "lol"

The league played a grand total of 44 games in it's entire history and lost $150 million. that is almost 1 million dollars for every quarter of football played. The XFL was a smashing success, and so was the CFL's US experiement in comparrision. They have a grande total of 4 headlines for 2012 in the entire USA... To say that they have fallin off the redar map is to say the least

their website doesn’t even work.

Alternative to what? I don't consider the CFL an alternative to anything. The CFL is no more an alternative to the NFL than the NFL is to the CFL. Both are excellent, albeit different, products of gridiron football.

Major League soccer will be next.

I thought the MLS was doomed as well. Last year's TV ratings were abysmal in the States and the convention wisdom was that ESPN was going to give them the boot... However ESPN resigned them at 8.5 million a season and then Versus/NBC Sports signed them to a 10 million dollar contract. All of the teams are still losing money, (except for maybe 4)However the MLS will recieve as many national TV broadcasts this year as either the NBA or MLB, and way more then the NHL could ever dream of. The product is terrible however, so maybe getting exposed will actually kill the league faster. Only time will tell.

Networks need content though and the MLS does provide an alternative, using this word here, to baseball in the summer which is something they may be looking for to do. And are willing to pay for it if they have some advertising sponsors.


MLS's biggest hurtle is the duality of the salary cap. Without the cap in place, there is no way MLS can be financially viable right now, but conversely with the cap in place, there is no way MLS can avoid having it's best players poached by Europe. The other issue is at some point is soccer keeps doing well and more teams start appearing the MLS might have to finally open up the relegation/promotion issue to make the seasons reasonably long/competative. I mean, MLS already has 19 teams, with 21 on the horizon, at some point it's going to come up.

Interesting article here on the MLS and one that provides a focus to the Canadian element in this league as Canada's national team has basically sucked it seems to me although as I've said, if the MLS needs 3 teams in Canada to carry it, it's in big trouble as an American major league sport. Bottom line, Canada's national team must improve big time with the now 3 teams in MLS and increased emphasis on pro soccer in this country. With 3 pro teams and a continual crappy national team, something will be wrong and amiss and I'm sure the soccer community would agree to this. Are there more Canadians in the NFL than Canadians in the world rank leagues (not MLS)? I don't know.:

Land of the Rising Maple Leaf Can M.L.S. do for Canada’s national team program what it has done for the U.S. program? A strong domestic league is a prerequisite for any successful national team, anywhere in the world. Add the resurrection of an M.L.S. reserve league and an emphasis on each team’s youth academy (where player development truly belongs) and it is logical that the three teams in Canada — Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal — will play a bigger and bigger role. Canada has not played in a World Cup in a generation, since 1986, when it was a force stronger than the U.S. How times have changed. While the U.S. plays international friendlies against the likes of Argentina and Italy, Canada fills its schedule with riveting games against the likes of Cyprus and Armenia. As my pal Noel Butler up in Montreal says: “If we use M.L.S. as the barometer to gauge progress of the U.S. men’s national team over the lifetime of the league, that progress has been steep and should continue. Now with three Canadian clubs in the league the Canadian’s men’s national team should blossom and flourish.?

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The MLS is not going anywhere. The league is working with the mayor of New York to find land to build a new stadium which would play host to a second MLS team in New York with an expansion fee rumored to be in the $100 million range. The league has been around almost 20 years so they don't even resemble the UFL so any comparison is silly.

The UFL was destined to fail from the start. Dumb idea. As for MLS, I don't think their business model is viable and even though they continue to lose money on an annual basis, soccer has enough of a foothold in North America that I don't see it going anywhere.

MLS= House of Cards!!!! or giant Ponzi scheme

is there not still a ifl, indoor football league? kc printers signed to play recently, or is this the same deal?

Well there is always the good olè Arena League as it was-is on strike and 2 franchises cut the entire roster!

Arena Football League Players Union Strikes After Teams Released

Approximately two and a half hours before the scheduled kickoff of the Arena Football League game between the Pittsburgh Power and the Orlando Predators, the executive director of the AFL Players Union, Ivan Soto, announced over Twitter that the players are on strike.

The game, which was to start the league's 25th season in grand fashion in a national broadcast on the NFL Network, was instead reduced to a sloppy contest filled with unnamed replacement players, a mostly empty arena, and a lot of angry fans.

"The AFLPU is on strike. All teams that are playing this weekend are on strike!" Soto tweeted at 6:06 p.m. ET.

That tweet came 17 minutes after Soto tweeted: "Pittsburgh Power fires team! Clearly a violation of the NLRA, League had an offer on table and the owner fired them prior to a decision."

Both the Power and the Predators released their entire rosters just hours before kickoff as a preemptive action after the union decided to strike. Jerry DiPaola of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that several Power players decided to quit the union and sign new contracts with the league just before game time.

Those Pittsburgh players who did not leave the union and re-sign with the team for the Friday night game are left to find their own lodging in Orlando and their own way home.

Meanwhile, the league itself remains dead silent on the issue. According to Jared Frank of, the Arena Football League issued the following statement on March 9:"The Arena Football League is choosing not to discuss labor matters publicly at this time in the hopes that we can come to an accord with the union. We will continue delivering the same exciting brand of football action that we have for the last 24 seasons and we hope that the union allows the players to do the same."

AFL players currently earn $400 per game, with a $50 bonus for winning the game. The exception is the starting quarterback of each team, who earns a $1,275 bonus. According to Frank, the union was requesting a pay increase up to $1000 per game but was willing to settle for $850.

The league countered with an offer of $500 per game, which was referred to by AFLPU vice president Steve Watson as "laughable," as reported by Adam Markowitz of, who was in Orlando covering the situation.

The Arean Football League actually folded 3 years ago... That League had salaries compareable to the CFL and actually competed with us for players... This new AFL resembles more of what used to be AFL2. Where players make such a small amount of money that in no way does it compete against the CFL. There is presntly no league in the entire world that pays even close to what the CFL pays other then the NFL of course. The UFL was actually better at recruiting high profile players then the CFL because it was located in the States and also because it would let any player out of it's contract the second the season finished. Mind you most of the high profile players were washed up like Jeff Garcia, and Daunte Culpepper.