CFL is the most underrated league in organized sports

How many TFC games have you been to and which ones more specifically? This past Saturday's game was only the second announced sell out at BMO Field this year, the first was the home opener. Average announced TFC home league game attendance this year so far is: 25,044 and all TFC home games is: 24,713. Here is the Ticketmaster listing for the next TFC home game and here is the Ticketmaster listing for the next Argos home game. On both seating charts the blue dots are tickets still available.

It would be nice to see a regional breakdown of the TV ratings as well.

CFBF You are the joke here. YOU make Canadians look bad with your insults. He is a poster and a poster that seem to care about the league. So what if he throws out some crazy stuff , it is all in fun, That is why we are here. One thing is for sure he knows more about the game then most in Toronto..

I've been to a few TFC games (my friend has season tickets and so does my neighbor) but none this year.

This article has some regional breakdown:

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So more than 3? Less than? You don't remember a specific game you went to? Date? Opponent?

That article is almost two years old and not very in depth. Unfortunately the info needed to do a proper up to date comparison is not readily available.

Neely, any chance you could be talked into not responding any further?


No offense to anyone, but do we need yet another MLS vs CFL argument? Everything that can be said has, on many forums.

And it makes it so much harder for me to go on ignoring soccer's existence.

No offense taken but this is not a MLS vs. CFL argument. The questions I'm asking are about Nelly2005's claims matching up to the facts.

No, it's a debate about MLS attendance figures in a CFL forum and a CFL-specific thread and therefore entirely off topic. I come to this thread to find out why someone feel the CFL is the most underrated league in organized sport, not how TFC fudges attendance numbers (or not).

You're so bothered by Neely's claim, PM him. It has no bearing on this topic.

When it comes to soccer especially the MLS and so called facts to be blunt I think I can talk for most in here when I say WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING FIG ABOUT MLS Soccer,the freakin’ RED PATCH GOOFS or who goes to their stupid games. Maybe you should find CFLGAL and jump into bed with her. If not then may I suggest you stick to talking CFL and football in general.
No more Soccer talk in here PLEASE !!! If ya want to talk Soccer there are plenty of forums available online for you to brouse in. Okay…Rant Over…I feel much better now :slight_smile:

Fair enough. I suggest a moderate separate this thread though because it went off topic awhile ago. I was just carrying on the discussion and personally I like dealing with fact vs. generalized statements.

Thanks for the advice. Stay classy bobo8224!

I don't actually blame you directly Captain. The thread went off the rails long before you started posting :slight_smile:Sorry for the rant.
You can blame the Queen of Trolls for that. The first time in this thread that MLS was mentioned was by surprise,surprise......
you guessed it the one the only "Beauty" of this forum....little Miss IMNOTACFLGAL. :thdn:

That’s the other thing: Stop falling for CFLGAL’s nonsense, people. Virtually every one of “her” posts brings up the Jays and/or TFC and slams the Argos. At what point do you start to sense a pattern? I know it can be infuriating to read that stuff but when you stop to consider the source…

I do think the league is underrated in a lot of ways, whether it’s by people who are blinded by the NFL flash or stuck in outdated perceptions. But we have to accept that not everyone can and will like it, either. What they’re doing here is beyond me, mind you, but don’t wrestle with pigs, FFS.