CFL is the most underrated league in organized sports

Great tradition, hard hitting, and exciting brand of entertainment. Currently, I'm impressed with the influx of QB's and the defenses are as athletic as I've ever seen.

I don't see many great WR's like in the past decades, but Derel Walker might be on his way.

There is no doubt the level of play is exceptional. It's a hard hitting league with a boatload of young talented QB's. As far as WR's Derel Walker is looking like the CFL's version of Randy Moss.

Is this thread for you alone to post in ? Do you plan on replying to yourself again? :thup:

Good points, Hoop. The CFL is grossly underrated and under-valued in this country. If the league wasn't Canadian it would be regarded as the best and most exciting sport in the world. Frankly the NFL or any other league doesn't come close to the excitement level in a typical CFL game. :thup:

Absolutely, and the fact remains I know more historically about this league than the natives do and I'm from the States.

An Edmonton vs Montreal GC would be a phenomenal match-up with two outstanding defenses, Montreal's solid young QB, and Edmonton's highly skilled players.

Let's just hope everyone stays healthy.

We know what we have in the CFL, and don't need to be told how great it is. We know...

Americans always seem to have a way to give backhanded compliments. Do they teach you guys that stuff in school or something?

You should be telling other Americans how great it is, not us. Again... we know it's a great league.

Hoopster merely expresses his deep appreciation of this game and is met with discord and accusations of pretense.


Feeling threatened or something? :?

Pay no attention Hoopster.
Keep up the enthusiasm. :thup:

Maybe underrated but does anyone care in Canada's biggest city?
TFC had a crowd of 30,250 today at BMO Field and the Jays over 46,000 at the Rogers Centre !!
How is it going to look next year with the 14,000 Argo fans at BMO?

I would have to say that the MLS is one of the most underrated leagues in organized sports. Just look at this, Italy is calling up Toronto striker to play for the national team and another player from New York. The MLS had 28 players who played in the World Cup and European and South American teams have a very tough time against MLS teams.
TFC is outdrawing the Agos by 2 to 1, the Impact outdrawing the Als and the Whitecaps are now drawing around the same average crowd as the Lions. The MLS and CFL teams in Canada are going in opposite directions.
There are a lot of ex-Argo fans that are Red Patched now, more coming over every week.

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Take yer Soccer ball and stuff it where the sun don't shine Fatso!!! CFLGAL my arse...just do us all a favour and go eat yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so you guys know... Hoopster is the laughing stock of the Als board.

Lines like this don't help him either:
"the fact remains I know more historically about this league than the natives do and I'm from the States."

This game may be "grossly undervalued" here in Canada, but it's still far bigger here than it ever has or ever will be in the US. Sure... some Americans watch the CFL, but most only do so as a filler for the NCAA and NFL off-seasons. The real CFL fans down there are the ones that watch and follow it through the US football seasons. ie. the last half of the CFL season.

You guys do remember how badly the CFL failed in the US, right? Only Baltimore actually did well financially, and only because they were so hungry for any football after losing the Colts. For those that don't know... the Baltimore CFL team became the current version of the Als.

Take yer Soccer ball and stuff it where the sun don't shine Fatso!!! CFLGAL my arse...just do us all a favour and go eat yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:
Awwwww, canadianfootballfan is so cute.

If only he could have the last word.

But no, he'll keep yapping away. Clearly Poopster has way too much time on his hands.

Like I already mentioned… his fellow Als fans love to laugh at the ridiculous crap he always types out.

Typical Canadians… an American comes on here and gives backhanded compliments, and insults the intellect of all the Canadians, and you all just see the hint of a compliment.

Poopster is a joke of a human, and an even bigger joke as a CFL fan.

Wow. For the life of me I jut can't understand why the regular contributers to this forum from the last 5 years have gone away and why no one new seems to want to get to involved.

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[i]Poopster1, are you trying to break the forum record for the biggest number of new threads with bombastic titles?

The new Warren Moon, the new Alouettes dynasty, bla bla bla!!!! And on and on! You are the Donald Trump of this forum. And that is not meant as a compliment… [/i]

So may empty seats today (TFC vs Montreal) that is looked just like an Argos game in the dome. I'm not sure who they're trying to fool with that attendance number.

Wow. Totally uncalled for.

TFC attendance numbers are a complete joke. Every TFC game that I've been to has had hundreds or thousands of empty seats (usually thousands) but was announced as a sellout.

How do the Canadian TV Ratings compare for MLS and the CFL?