CFL is soooo cheap

When Milt Stegall broke a historic record he received a Plymouth Voyager. The Cheapest Vehicle you can think of to give as a prize. NO luxury sedan, no sports car,no dream truck, but a Plymouth Voyager.
Many people shook their heads when they gave him that.
Oh but it gets worse.
Ben Cahoon today breaks a historic record that will not be broken in 100 years and just what he got, a picture of himself.
I literally was really ticked off when I saw the top CFL brass hand Ben a picture of himself in a frame.
Ben Cahoon broke a record that no one will come close too ever and is a role model to all football players and fans and the CF: top brass gave him a snoopy certificate in a frame and said "thanks for coming out"
They could have at least gave him a watch or a gold ring or something.

Forgive my rant but I could not help myself this time. What would a player in the NFL get if they broke a record like that?
Even better, what would a player in the NHL get if they broke and of Gretsky's records? Of NBA or MLB or World Cup Anything?

how is that a record that wont be broken in 100 years?
terry vaughn had the record for, what, 3 years?
geroy simon could possibly break the record.

YEA, not too many records are untouchable you know.

there is only 1 record I know of today in the CFL that is considered untouchable.

that's Narcisse's consecutive games with a catch record.

Allen's records are set to fall next season, assuming Calvillo plays every game again.

the TD record took a very long time to fall.. and it fell twice.

Lou Passaglia's records likely won't fall either.

Well I imagine the Als might give Cahoon something as well.

As for Milt, aside from the minivan he got when he broke the TD record, when he broke the all time yardage record the Bombers gave him a trip to Disneyland IIRC. As for the CFL they also gave Milt a framed picture of himself .

Well they'll also get a bust in the H.O.F.

I think there might be a difference between being cheap and poor. Just a guess mind you.

for one, Vaughn's record is not that old, and the receptions mark could very well fall in the future. I doubt it'll last 15 or 20 years, let alone 100.

for two, what a player in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, or any other league where a decent player makes more than the entire CFL salary cap is rather irrelevant. there's a bit of a revenue difference between the leagues..

I'm curious... what would an NFL player get? Favre just threw his 500th TD, and they didn't stop the game to give him anything like the CFL did earlier. Does the NFL actually give gifts? I can't remember seeing any presentations...

because he didn’t break any record. he owns the record already.

plus they have tv deadlines! hehe

Even still, 500 is quite the accomplishment. And what about when he did break the record, did the NFL give him anything? I'm genuinely curious...

who knows..

I don't follow the NFL. they probably just moved along..

but you gotta remember, he makes enough money to buy whatever he wants anytime. I really don't think at this point that he's too concerned.

Don't forget, Bret also passed over 70,000 yards throwing in that game. Highest of all time. Looks like with a minute left they'll lose but I digress. I think it's too expensive to stop the game to give out a WELL deserved gift to Farve. Money is everything in the NFL. Cahoons record will fall but it's impressive that he's a Canadian.

Man...Cahoon was totally embarrassed that they stopped the game

Give him a car or something and he might have had a stroke or something

You gotta know a Mormon isn't going to be into that stuff

I'm soooo happy to have seen him play...all his great catches were a privilege to watch

I'd leave it at that

Can't wait to see him live in the GC!

I think he is too big to fit into the GC, let alone live in it :wink:

  1. I hate when they bring both leagues in for records. (not fair)

  2. Thankfully its done.

  3. Was anyone surprised he had 4 kids? :cowboy: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I kind of had the same thoughts as well.
A cheap small frame picture.
How about a vehicle from some of the league sponsors?


I still don't see why the CFL should be handing out prizes. I could be wrong, but I don't recall the NFL, NBA, or NHL giving out prizes to players who break records...

I seem to remember the Raiders stopping the game for Tim Brown when he got his 1000th catch.

I heard, behind the scene, they gave hom a new cellphone, with state of the art photo capabilities, so he could "enhance" his photo quality and get his desired results. :lol: