Just saw this posting on another site and is quite interesting.
From Wikipedia it lists all of the attendance averages.

The top ten in the world are:

  1. NFL - Avg. 67,738
  2. Bundesliga (German First Div. Soccer) - 40,775
  3. Australian Football League (Aussie Rules) - 35,250
  4. FA Premier League (England 1st Div Soccer) - 33,875
  5. Major League Baseball - 31,423
  7. La Liga (Spanish 1st Div Soccer) - 29,029
  8. NPB (Japanese Baseball) - 23,552
  9. Serie A (Italy 1st Div Soccer) - 21,968
  10. Ligue 1 (France 1st Div Soccer) - 21,576

Here is the complete list…

Sweet ... nice "find"

Expand McGill and beat MLB!


Well, its a Wikipedia... not a source that I would totally trust.. because anyone can edit that site.

If NBA was played in football stadiums, they would be top 5. Americans are crazy about that dumb game.

I know I will probably get another nasty pm from the annoying little turd, but looking at those figures, I have a sinking feeling that list on Wikipedia has been Kanga-ized. :roll:

I read up on this a few months ago.

CFL plays 72 games a year. MLB plays a gazzillion games a year and MLB still beats it in per game attendnce.

Take the numbers in context. Its really not a huge deal.

those numbers seem about right to me.

The problem with the european soccer attendances is that the great teams are spread out over many leagues.

Not suprising but does show just how dominent the NFL is, especially when you factor in TV ratings.

But does not mean a whole lot because poster above me said the best soccer teams in Europe play in several leagues.

I would bet if Europe ever made a 32 team soccer league with all the top players the attendance per game would rival the NFL.

I'd be interested in NCAA Div 1 football. Most big conferences football stadiums are larger than NFL. Suppose it wasn't included because its amateur.....allegedly.

Interesting list though....good on the CFL (and us!) if its true.

Concerning baseball though, I've heard that there are a lot of real cheapies ie. $5.00 and give aways that corporate sponsors give to a lot of American teams.

...I am surprized NASCAR isn't in there somewhere...

lots of info missing.

China must have stadium sports, bet their numbers are high, and unavailable.

Other sport would fill stadiums if they took place in them.

There has to be missing soccer numbers.

notice also that it is an entirely different story when it comes to the Championship games. Both NA football leagues got some improving to do in that department.

Apparently Wikipedia is better than Britannica - its more up-to-date and there are way more errors in Britannica than Wiki.

Saying that, as another fellas said here, the numbers don't tell the hole story - with the amount of games an all, and the fact that football is played in bigger stadiums than hockey or basketball. Still, it looks pretty cool, eh. If only the CFL got better play on the airwaves...

The CFL is doing quite fine, all the games are on TV now and they are doing webcasts. It will never be huge in the US without teams there of course but even at that, there is some market for it in the States even in the summer when it has to compete with baseball on the airwaves down there. No teams in the States and people watch the CFL there? Why, because football is huge there, just huge.

If the CFL ever gets a team out east, coast to coast, that would be unreal and to get solid ownership back in Ottawa and a team.

Yes baseball by far away to include the Blue Jays have a ton of giveaways that are counted as paid seats. That I do know for a fact as knowing a guy in the BJ ticket office who on occasion provides me with some juicy info in the Godfrey run operation.
The other mega freebies is the NHL in the US. All of those posted box scores with attendance is bogus that in some areas include one one third paid seats.

The Mexician Soccer League Was Missing, I'm Sure They Would Be Close To The Top Ten. Mexico City Has A 110 000+ Stadium Which Helps To Raise Their Numbers. Plus Soccer Is Insanely Popular Down There.

MLB Is Really Guilty Of Padding Their Attendance Numbers. I Know That They (At Least The Jays Are Guilty Of This) Count All The Tickets Sold Rather Then People Actually In Attendance. These Numbers Also Include Promotional Tickets That Are Free And/Or Never Get Used.

re footballubet-wrote If NBA was played in football stadiums, they would be top 5. Americans are crazy about that dumb game.

i would wach Basketball if there was Hitting :stuck_out_tongue: I hate that Armpit Taunting :lol:

"Armpit taunting", good one! :thup:

Probably beat the nfl. Soccer gets huge in stadium numbers.