CFL is a JOKE!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams would I think that the CFL did not have a dental plan for it's players or dependents!!! What a fuckin joke!!!!
I used to work for scab companies that payed half wages of unionized companies and they had dental benifits... This is fuckin pathetic.... FUCK the CFL owners!!!!!! This is a fuckin joke!!!!

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this truely blows my mind!!!!
Before I went union I worked for the lowest of the low...I never worked union because I liked smoking marijuana..... Non union companies do not test for drugs.... I worked for Matrix Labour Leasing.... I worked for Tim Keith Construction.... I worked for TNL Construction... They ALL had dental programs.... This is fucking pathetic.... The CFL spends money on drug testing, but doesn't have a dental program!!!!! Get you fucking priorities in order CFL!!!! These players make 45K/year and their kids have rotting teeth... What a fuckin joke!!!!!!
This makes me sick!!!!We live in Canada for Christs sake... This is not the USA or Brazil!!!!

Guess who has a dental plan?...lmao

The fact that you have had so many jobs speaks volumes to me

But you do know that there are team Doctors and Team DENTISTS

Yes, because a team dentist that only covers on field injuries is exactly the same as the dental coverage for families that the article is actually talking about. :roll:

There’s people in the temporary foreign workers program that have better dental coverage than CFL players do.

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who coulda guessed?


I'm not sure, but wasn't Bungle the guy who kept ranting about American bosses and workers coming up here and dictating to Canadians. Now he wants dental coverage for Americans coming up here to play football. Smells fishy. If it wasn't Bungle, I recant.

His opinion angers you much ?

I guess when there is no argument you can make...

What does any of this have to do with the topic he's discussing.

A dental plan is a BIG deal. I'm not suggesting that the plan should offer 100 percent coverage or cover spouses and family but at least cover the players. It means the office employees in Calgary (Flames organization) have Dental benefits and the players don't.

Dental plans are usually negotiated into the union contract by the union. Perhaps the union didn't feel it was important. Perhaps half of their members, those who spend half the year living in the States, told the union that a Canadian dental plan wasn't something they wanted, especially at the cost of something else that actually benefits them.

Well, this is it isn't it?
A Canadian dental plan for those living in the States?
Is it something they really even want or asked for?
This thread is the joke.

Well said Dee.

The NHL is a joke, some "players" get signed not for their ability as a hockey player but their ability to fight, and they make a half a million or more a season. That's bigger than any joke in sports!

"Hey you can skate and you can fight, you're hired!" :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree, this thread is joke but funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the players would decline dental benefits, perhaps.

No, Bungle-boy is a joke for starting these school-girl hissy-fit threads!!! Nobody cares if the CFL has a dental plan unless you plan on kissing a player or sharing his apple. Players making $45k a year probably don't even want a dental plan and would rather take the cash.

Personal attacks are at a all time high on this forum.

Perhaps the forum should provide mental benefits..

Good idea but Bob Young can't afford it :lol:

I’ve got a few posters names to start that should be first in line for mental benefits. Ok, here’s the short list… :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see a dental plan being more beneficial in the NHL… but you don’t see too many guys losing teeth during a game in the CFL… :wink: Dental plans should be in place for players’ families, but how much coverage they get should be according to what plan they go with…