long time cfl fan here was watching the ticats since before i could walk AND I have Not seen a season where so many calls are missed or inappropriately called

Yeah, it was an ugly game; both teams played poorly, the officiating was crud.

long time cfl fan here was watching the ticats since before i could walk AND I have Not seen a season where so many calls are missed or inappropriately called
I know Marcel took heat for the comments on the refs but Calgary almost got robbed last week in Edmonton also and plenty of other examples. The league needs better officiating (starts with talent pool).

It is almost sad. I always have defended Canadian Football as being the greatest sport in the world. But now, I am not so sure. The reffing is just absolutely brutal every game you watch. And for the owners of this league who supposedly have all the power to change things, to just sit and not do anything about it, just doesn't make sense. Isn't their ownership of a team an investment in a league as a whole?

To improve the reffing it is not an overnight solution. The whole officiating system has to be revamped from the top to the bottom, and that is obviously going to cost money. But they are all way to CHEAP to invest the bucks to make it happen.

So the league slowly worsens its reputation, and as players get faster and bigger, the more awful the officiating is going to get.


The CFL is turning into the crapiest football league thanks to thier lousey refs! end of story!

Suspend refs like they do players for embarrassing the league. There are only four games a week. And often on tv it appears that some crews work the Thursday night and Sat. games. How many crews do we have 3, 4? Hire some new refs - period, end of story.

The refs need to make money too.
Side bets help make ends meet

I've decided not to watch the CFL anymore. I'm tired of the refs deciding the outcome of the games. I hope that there is an investigation because I think the refs are betting on these games.

i would like to see the ticats vocally call this out somehow. not like sore losers, but just having the guts to point it out.

I can’t remember a year where there so many fans (and broadcasters) taking note of sloppy officiating.

But PS I still enjoyed last night’s game, it was right down to the wire.

Buddy go watch the no fun league :roll: Hey you know what the refs are getting blamed for all of out teams F**** ups thats what I am seeing Rookie Bauman Big dropsy , Offside on 3RD and go which would have given us a second chance in the fourth,and a missed field goal stop blaming the refs its a poor excuse for blaming the CFL for all our young players mistakes and the NON STOP STUPID PENALTIES DESEASE!

Well, maybe there could have been 1 game out of seven where we did not deserve to be penalized over 100 yards.

Should it come down to the refs missing calls that cost us the game because the game is so close?? No, it shouldn't. We should be winning by a margin that doesn't allow for that to happen, but realistically it does happen. Do I cry every time we lose and say the officials cost us the game?? No, I don't, but there were TWO obvious missed pass interference (or at least illegal contact) calls that could have changed the outcome of that game and that is the ridiculous part. One of them was right in front of one of the refs (line judge, back judge or whatever you want to call him, they're all refs to me)

refs have a tough job. they get critisized, booed, yelled at constantly. they’re not perfect. give them a break. remember
they get paid to ref, about as much as the worst player in the cfl gets paid to play half a quarter.

While it's true that nobodies perfect and that the refs are not paid that much, the fact is...they ARE paid. Paid to do their job. There should be consequences when they do their job badly.

To me, the most blatant error was the spear by Loftus on Brock. Loftus should have been ejected right then and there.

There were two calls that had an effect on the outcome of the game. First was the personal foul call on Armour. The guys in the booth were saying it was a horse collar. The definition of the horse collar tackle is a player who is dragged down from behind. The player making the tackle reaches into the opposing players shoulder pads between the shoulder blades and drags him to the ground. Nowacki also tried to duck the tackle. That's not a penalty. This is really the call that pissed me off because we made a stop in the red zone and forced Edmonton to try a field goal and the ref threw a flag absolute bull****. The next play Ray hit Peterson for a TD therefore a four point swing...Oh we lost by 2? hmmm. The second call was the non call on the pass interferance on Bauman. Now I think we all agree that play shouldn't have even happened because Bauman should have made the catch two plays earlier, but it did! That call has to be made weather its the 1st quarter or the 4th quarter its still a penalty.

the spear was wrong!!!!!!! should have been called!!!!!!

someones career can be ended by hits like that and they need to be stoped!!!