CFL iPod app????

How's it going all....brand new poster here! I'm just curious if anyone has heard about the CFL possibly getting an app together for the iphone or itouch. How awesome would that be!!!??!! I know there are plenty of football apps available but the only one that i can find that has any CFL info is The Score. I not sure about this, but I don't think that the NFL has their own app. I think it would awesome if we could get one befor they do. I remember the comish talking about getting with the times technologically speaking when he got hired....this would be a great way to do so, don't you think? If anyone from the CFL reads this.....GET ON IT BOYS. Even if games were available to download on podcasts i would be more than happy!!!

I doubt you’ll see games on Podcasts, but it might be possible to do TSN-CFL app for the iPod touch/iPhone. It could have all the stuff you can currently find on the CFL page at TSN, plus this site. Maybe even the forum!

a CFL iPod app would be cool, but what I'd really like to see is a CFL Dashboard widget that displays live scores/news (emphasis on the live scores).

Something like the ESPN widget that comes stock with OSX, but for the CFL.

The Score has an app that has CFL scores and news and and standings. It's called Score Mobile and it is free. It's for the iphone and iTouch.

I'm not certain, but I think you and me are are not enough to warrant a Dashboard widget :wink:

I use my iPhone everytime I’m on this site. It would be cool to see offer a CFLmoblie site like TSN does. A dedicated app would be cool though. Maybe an app that is only for football? I have an app that does all MIxed Martial Arts, every league, professional or amatuer, from every country in the world. It would be cool to see an iPhone app that dedicated to football. If there already is one, please pm the name of it