CFL iPhone App

The CFL announced over a month ago (via Twitter) that they had finished their CFL app for the iPhone/iPod Touch and had submitted it for approval to the iTunes store. That was WELL over a month ago. I still don't see it. I know for a fact apps don't take that long to be approved by Apple. Anyone heard anything? I know there's currently a CFL app out there right now for the Blackberry.

Actually it can take up to 90 days.

And since it’s Canadian, it’ll probably take the full 90 days. :lol:

2/3 of the regular season is done and iPhone users are still waiting.....this is ridiculous ! :expressionless:

They don't take that long, except when they do. Apple is notoriously arbitrary and in some cases nearly random in what they approve and when.

It's a HORRIBLE system that you need central approval to put out an application.

By the time the damn thing gets approved the season will be over!!!! Someone from the CFL needs to follow up and amp up the urgency.

I never heard that it was going to be an iPhone app, only for the BBerry for this season.

There's a Telus CFL app for Blackberry and Android users. I have one on my Galaxy phone. My only beef is that the scores and stats can take quite some time to load properly, but I love being able to watch the game on my phone live.

As far as I'm concerned, Telus can take as much time as they need =D

I wonder what will come out first, the CFL iPhone app or the announcement of who plays the half-time show at the Grey Cup.