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Any rules you'd like to see changed? Give that article a read and you could submit an idea for our governors to consider. Off the top of my head, a controversial call that I remember from last season was when Terry Caulley chased Winston Dressler down the field. Terry knocked the ball out and then the referees awarded the ball to Saskatchewan on the Hamilton 1 yard line with a complimentary first down.

I would still like to see the single point off a missed field goal taken off the books. So many missed kicks are being run out now, just for the return not to save a point like in the past. Keep it for punts because I like how that can change the outcome late in the game. I know purists won't agree but that is something I have wanted to see for a long time.

I'm a purist.

You do not a score a single point for a missed field goal.

No point is awarded for a missed field goal when a player runs the ball out of the end zone.

No point is awarded for a missed field goal when the kick falls short of the goal line.

No point is awarded for a missed field goal when the kicker hits the upright.

No point is awarded for a missed field goal when the field goal is blocked.

No point is awarded for missing a field goal.

You score a point when you kick the ball into the endzone and prevent the defending team from running or kicking the ball back out.

I love it as is, except i would like to see a deterence for conceding points. In this case, if a point is scored, I would spot the ball much closer to the goal line rather than the 35 yards currently given.

I would also like to see some sort of deterrence for conceding a safety.

I would like to see the following rule implemented:

"Any team's endzone dance that isn't performed by a chorus of monkeys shall be assessed a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty."

Thank you for that succinct, accurate statement. Superb!

I'm less concerned with changing the rules and more concerned with getting refs who know how to fairly and accurately enforce them.

Oh yeah and get rid of the replay. I still hate that. :lol:

You know what I mean Capt :slight_smile:

If a punt or FG goes through the endzone without being touched, or the return team is tackled in the endzone, a single point is awareded, but, and here's the twist, if the return team gets the ball out, they get the single point.

The team that gives up the saftey has to kick off from the last point of scrimmage.

I like that one alot!

I would abolish team time outs. These are b-o-o-o-ring. There are already too many stoppages in play. If a team can't get its act together and run a play successfully and needs to call time out, tough luck. Try practising a little harder and maybe you'll do better next time. We had many decades with no timeouts, I don't know why they were ever introduced, except to save badly coached teams from embarrassing themselves by their own ineptitude, or else maybe it was to copy the NFL. Neither reason is a good one.

I'd change the O/T rule so the line of scrimmage starts at midfield, not the defending team's 35. The way it is now, O/T is essentially a shootout... the only question is whether the offense will score a TD or a FG on each possesion. Whoever has to settle for a FG loses.

It wassnt Caulley that made the play, it was Bradley.

Haha! 3 point safeties here we come!

re borehamgirl wrote_"Oh yeah and get rid of the replay." I agree B.G waching replays takes away from the tempo of the game, Only in Championship games where a clear bad call had been made , In nfl they are dissecting the plays to the point they are making the wrong calls after Reviewing replays!!! :roll: SP

I hate the overtime format it sucks..
Let go back to two halfs

You win the toss and you choose offense, no thanks, too much emphasis on a friggin toss. I know, I know, you're defense is supposed to stop them. But it's offense where most of the points are scored. Too biased.

Go to 15 yard end zones to tighten up the field, especially with new stadiums coming on board potentially. Fans closer, doesn't have to be as close as Yankee football but a bit closer would be good.

First of all, this is a great idea to get the fans engaged in our GREAT CANADIAN game!!

Article 4 – Single Point Or Rouge

If the ball is kicked into the Goal Area by an opponent, a rouge is scored:

(1) when the ball becomes dead in possession of a team in its own Goal Area or,

(2) when the ball touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal, and

touches the ground, a player or some object beyond these lines.

  1. No single point if the punt or the field goal goes through the end zone or out of bounds.

Article 3 – Safety Touch

A safety touch is scored when the ball becomes dead in the possession of a team

in its own Goal Area, or touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal as

a result of the ball having been carried, kicked, fumbled or otherwise directed from

the Field of Play into the Goal Area by the team scored against, or as a direct result

of a kick from scrimmage having been blocked in the Field of Play or Goal Area.

After a safety touch, the scoring team may elect to have the ball next put into play

as follows:

(a) By scrimmaging the ball at its own 35-yard line or,

(b) By kicking off from its own 35-yard line or,

(c) By requiring the team scored against to kickoff from its 35-yard line.

  1. The safety should be changed, make a,b,c, 20-yard line


In the event that the score is tied at the end of the second half of a game, each team

will be given the opportunity to score using the following procedure:

• The first team, as determined by coin toss, shall scrimmage the ball at the

opponent’s 35-yard line and may advance by consecutive series of downs until it

makes a score or loses possession.

• The second team will then scrimmage at the same 35-yard line and proceed as


• If the score is still tied, the procedure shall be repeated at the opposite end of the


• A winner is determined only if both teams have had equal opportunities to


• If a winner is not determined after two attempts the game will be declared a tie.

• If the game is a playoff or championship game and a winner must be determined,

the same procedure shall continue until a winner is finally declared.

  1. Overtime, scrimmage the ball at the opponent's 45 yard-line

  2. No cross over in the standings to determine the playoffs

I'd like to see the safety be more of a penalty to the team that gives it up. Make them kick off from the 15 or 20 yard line.

In the case where Bradley knocked the ball away from Dressler. It should be a touch back!

How about a return to the old "intentional grounding" rule. I hate to see QBs throw the ball to nobody when they are about to get sacked