CFL investors a rarity yet MLFB procures $120 million???

somehow a fledgling upstart spring football league that has yet to play a single game procured a whopping $120 million in capital and yet the long storied CFL with it's brand new stadiums, established clientele, and long term broadcast deal has major difficulties finding investors/owners for an expansion team......go figure.

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
MLFB announces deal worth upwards to 120 million dollars from Asian Global Capital, Ltd. via @DraftDiamonds #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
New football league, MLFB, has announced a funding agreement upwards to 120 million dollars ... n-dollars/#CFL

The Major League Football League that is expected to kick off very soon, landed a monstrous deal worth upwards to 120 million dollars from Asian Global Capital, Ltd. This is great news for all the football players drafted in the MLFB’s first ever draft.[/b]

Well investors are probably much more impressed with this new league being run out of the United States where football is arguably the most popular sport or close to it and has almost a religious type of following.

This "league" will be just as successful as the XFL was.

It's interesting that they're publicly traded. I don't know of another major league that is. If they receive significant investment, I wonder if that's something we might see more of?

So they found an insane Chinese investor !
I guess what they say about the Chinese investment market is true.


It will be a spring League, with a National draft along with a territorial draft, will not compete with NFL schedule or locations.

The important thing is how will this effect the CFL?

It remains to be seen if this Asian money actually materializes and over how many years this supposed $120 million is being "invested". This sounds more like a stock promotion than a football league.

While their website is vague on details it seems the new league's season ends just as the CFL is starting up. This will allow some CFL players to double-dip and play in both leagues like in previous spring leagues.

The new league could be a recruiting tool for the CFL teams who could pluck the most promising players after auditioning in the spring league.

I'd still put the chances of this new league ever playing a game at 1 in 4. :cowboy:

And the UFL. And the RFL. And all the other FLs.

I would love for it to work, but I think too many of these have come and gone (quickly) now. There's already an assumption that the product will be no good, anyone attempting it now has to also overcome the perception that the league won't last more than a season, since most don't. Not fair to be judged on other people's results, but there it is.

Nah, the XFL at least played a season and had a Simpsons parody.

This league should ever be so fortunate so I do wish them well.

Edit: It’s only 20 million in equity in the league, the 100 million is a line of credit…against what is a good question.

I thought the XFL was great! I watched every game I could, it was way better entertainment than the NFL. I was really disappointed when the league failed.

The CFL really dropped the ball when it didn't absorb the best XFL teams into a U.S. division. With a little management and backing they could have started with a ready-made U.S. TV contract.

The CFL also declined Vince McMahon's challenge of a match-up between the XFL and CFL champs at the end of June, which would have drawn continental-wide exposure for the league.

Spring leagues are a hard sell to fans unless the teams are in the Sunbelt states. It’s just too cold to sit at a 3 1/2 hour football game during the months of February through April which is what the XFL’s schedule was when it existed. If this league has that same schedule, it would not give it much of a chance of success, again unless most of their teams are in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, louisiana, Texas Arizona and California.

Nah, The XFL was a bunch of Madonnas show-boating every chance they got!!
Serious football..... NOT. :cowboy:

nfl draft diamonds has alot of interesting info including inteviews with several of the prospects listed. The name of this site is a misnomer, as most of these players because of their size and speed will be more suited to the CFL than NFL. I does also list some Canadian college football talent as well

My uncle who is a Nigerian prince would send them another 30 million, he just needs their full banking information and ID to ensure the transaction goes through.

The XFL, was good football. Despite what the media and public perception lead.

The media did everything they could to trash it. Even dropping so low as to call the XFL cheerleaders hired hookers and strippers. In fact they were school teachers, airline workers, nurses and such.

The had good attendance ( much better than the CFL - US division teams had. ) but the ratings were poor.

What hurt them was the stupid wrestling antics from the WWE talent. Jim Ross , Jesse Ventura and Jerry Lawler was just stupid.

Both the WWE and NBC admitted that was a big mistake.

Those were dropped , and the football did get better as the season went on , but by the time they figured out to just keep it to football, it was to late.

The CFL got a lot of good players from the XFL. Jermaine Copeland for example.

For those on this site to young to remember, most of the XFL games are on youtube in full. In fact most of USFL games from all 3 seasons are also on youtube .

The USFL should have stayed in the spring . Donald Trump, your fiyad.

The devil is in the details.
Don't believe everything you read.
This will not get off the ground.