CFL investigating ejection of Riders' DL Garrett Marino

The Riders already were treated worse than the other team when their malicious hit resulted in a 15 yard penalty and ours resulted in a 25 yard penalty and an ejection.

I have been a Rider fan since I was a kid, and that's a long time ago ..The Boyd hit was a dirty Hit, he should of got ejected and should also get a suspension. Marino hit was also dirty because it came low. I hate to see any player out for weeks over a dirty hit. Marino should also get a suspension as well. At least his hit wasn't late. What I do have a major problem with is how he went to the locker room, waving his arms like he was some kind of hero. Riders need to sit him a while after his suspension. And one thing no one has stated ... who was the Head Ref.. need I say more!! Last thing, when we loose our top players like this, it weakens the game. For everyone. Tired of the Cheap plays of some players. Those hits near the end, ruined the game. As for the Ti-cat fans, Lawrence is a dirty player has been for years. At least I can admit when a Rider is a dirty player.


Hey I like the riders the porblem is some of not even close to the whole fan base there will be morons sticking up for the SOB. Thats who I am refering too. The rider team does not need this distraction this will hurt the team. Dickenson should give this guy an apple and road map you really do not need a guy like this on your team.

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Problem is that as soon as you cut him you can't control him. Another team picks him up and off he goes, continuing his ways. At least if you keep him on the team you can keep him off the field, or enforce anger management as a condition of employment, or something.

I'm not convinced that the Riders aren't doing some sort of discipline/behaviour modification behind the scenes with him. At least, I hope they are.

From Farhan Lalji:

This will wind some people up.
That was a dirty hit that should probably have merited more than a fine. Diving down on a guy laying on the ground is practically the definition of intent to injure.


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Always the victim it seems . I sure hope Marino didn't hurt himself when he hit Masoli .

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So now you want suspend players from sports who act like children...??? Guess they better cancel tennis completely then.

I like that silent reference to Trudeau.

Duron Carter is a distraction everyteam he goes to is damage. This guy is the same not sure most teams what that kind of distraction